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I went to gamestop today to trade in MW3, and had planned on getting a $20 PSN card and a magazine with it.  However, once I got to the store I realized that for only a few dollars more I could get a new game.  I was looking at the shelf and saw the new Deus Ex: Human Revolution and said "Fuck it, why not".  I've never played any other Deus Ex but Ive heard good things and decided to do something different.

I also thought about getting Rayman Origins but I kind of want that for Vita. 

I ALSO thought about getting the MGS HD Collection but fuck you Konami I've already bought MGS3 from you twice already, no way am I going to do it a third time.  (I'm sorry Konami I still love you)



Anyway, anyone else ever bought a game for no other good reason other than "eh sure why not"?



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Really i discovered Fire Emblem that way. Had no idea what the series was other than that was where Marth and Roy had come from, bought Path of Radiance when it came out in 2005, fell in love.

Nowadays i'm a good deal more informed, and often too financially aware to indulge in impulse purchases.

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That happens to me, but I buy used when that happens so I can return it for a full refund (Including tax).


KylieDog said:

I impulse buy quite a few games in sales, as it turns out I've now got a lot of unplayed games.

I am jealous of your level of disposable income.

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MGS Collection Collectors Edition.


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I don't think I have had any true impulse buys this gen.  I have bought a few games I was not planning on buying at the time, but that was because there was a sale.  I would have gotten them eventually.

I did have a pretty good impulse buy last gen though.  I was in some discount store, maybe a Big Lots or something similar.  Then on a shelf with just a handful of crappy games is Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance for about $20.  It was weird because the store didn't really have many games.  I recognized the Baldur's Gate name, and snatched it up.  It is a pretty great game, and I ended up spending a ton of hours with it.

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im going to buy the mgs 3d i hated the collection i feel i wasted 31 and change for that i didnt like the 2nd one to much on ps2 did not change cameras for 360 , and the other 2 -nes ones meh they used nes emulators for them and as a result how choppy the audio and have not tried peace walker the only one i like is 3 ,

so far ,
i think though selling games is a rip off in itself to gamestop , they tried to pull a fast one on me by offering me only $25.00 dollars for a in box ps2 from 2003-it was 2004 when i traded it (only 1 yr old)
hardly used to ,

i told them literally go fuck your self stick your twenty dollars up your behind because - i sold my snes in 2005 got 70 bucks! from a flea market! so there is no way a ps2 is worth way less lol as for impulse buys , psvita is at the top right now , until some games come out then ill feel the need to delist it because after playing asphalt injection and modnation racers  man bored bored bored to heck with it ,    


not many good games that i cant get elsewhere -which was the main problem with psp before ,  i should have  saw this coming , but i followed hype  , and was dis appointed . not by the hardware but by the games line up 

Buddy, you don't know the half! And it's even worse now that we can buy games online. Too many times, I've hit that "purchase" button only to regret it seconds later.

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I implies bought 3 PSP's.

Also, I've recently impulse bought an iPad.

Most recent impulse buy was done last night. Saw I had money in my PSN wallet so I thought "Ah, what the hell, heard good things about this series." and bought Ys 7.

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