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    Call of Duty WW2 Had Record Day 1 Sales on PSN. More than Destiny 2.

    in Sony Discussion on 08 November 2017

    Call of Duty back on the upswing...and there are crickets in here ha. I'm excited to get it soon, glad its doing so well....

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    'Destiny 2' physical sales fell more than 50% versus original in first month

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 October 2017


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    Your unpopular/controversial gaming opinions

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 August 2017

    Wow, guys, its a thread about unpopular opinions, of course there is going to be stuff in here you disagree with. Why in heavens name are you arguing with each other. - Black Ops 1 is the best call of duty - I prefer digital downloads to physical discs - Multiplayer only games are perfectly fine. We have had years and years of Single Player only games, and just now we are starting to get MP only...

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    Lawsuit filed against Nintendo over Switch’s detachable controllers

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 August 2017

    I didn't realize so many lawyers posted on VGChartz. Will be interesting to see where this goes....

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    I forgot how frustrating is Uncharted gameplay

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 July 2017

    Does anyone remember Uncharted 3 before they had to patch the controls? It was...not great....

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    Crash Bandicoot reviews

    in Sony Discussion on 02 July 2017

    This seems fair. Its 20 year old gameplay with a new coat of paint. I'm planning on getting it, never played them originally....

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    How would you rate PlayStations E3 Press Conference

    in Sony Discussion on 13 June 2017

    This is two years in a row Ive gone 'Hold on wait its not over right? It can't be over yet it. Holy shit its over'...

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    I HATE Audio Logs. Stop Using Them! Go Back To Cutscenes

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 May 2017

    I love audio logs if done right. Absorb some extra story will still getting stuff done in the game Dead Space did them very well...

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    Titanfall 2 aka best shooter this gen is $22 on Amazon!

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 May 2017

    Highly recommend Titanfall 2, super good...

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    Kingsman: The Golden Circle Coming this Fall!

    in Movies Discussion on 25 April 2017

    Psh where the heck was Pedro Pascal's name in that trailer, I was the most hyped to see him....

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    Eurogamer: SNES Mini currently in development

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 April 2017

    Ive started to associate Nintendo with consoles that I want but can't find/buy. I've stopped bothering to try....

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    Sony going third party is an excellent idea for gamers.

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 April 2017

    Im sensing that this is a joke thread in response to something else, but I mean its already happening. PS Now can be used on PC, and some PS4 games are coming to PS Now. Sony's end game for this is the Netflix model. They want every single device under the sun to come with the PS Now app installed by default (or install-able from the marketplace) and able to pair with a 'DualShock Now' or...

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    Sony - Crash Trilogy is "PS4 exclusive"

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 April 2017

    For anyone wondering why people were confused if it was exclusive or not, there was a tweet from an official PlayStation account which made it sound like a timed exclusive: The tweet:

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    Destiny 2 - "Last Call" teaser - Full reveal March 30th 10am PT/6pm BST

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 March 2017

    Cautiously optimistic. I dont think the original game was worth the price of admission but I played it quite a bit. Eventually the DLCs just became 'take an area from original game, add some new decorations, have players run through it backwards'...

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    Gran Turismo Sport's Nurburgring Is PS4's Most Beautiful Thing

    in Sony Discussion on 26 March 2017

    With how good the car/track/environment looks, the people standing motionless stick out so much. Looks like someone stuck a bunch of mannequins along the track....

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    Taiwan’s Newspaper Claims Sony is Working on a “Thinner” PS4

    in Sony Discussion on 26 March 2017

    I wonder if this is how the yearly revisions start...

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    Gamestop stock plummets

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 March 2017

    My local mall has TWO of them, one on each end. I always feel dirty whenever I go into a GameStop, they are so cramped its not fun to be inside. I wonder if they will get the 'Apple' treatment and go minimalist....

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    Call of Duty: World War II

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 March 2017

    Intrinsic said: why don't they make one based on Vietnam..... now that would be something i buy Black Ops 1 is based on Vietnam...

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    Which game is a bigger embarrassment to their franchise? (FFXV or Andromeda?)

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 March 2017

    I think the real embarrassment is how people completely write off an entire game for some small issues...

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    GameStop expects Switch supply issues to last all year

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 March 2017 That's a little disheartening. I'm going on a trip in a few months and had hoped to get one before that.  Both good and bad news for Nintendo. The demand is there but they aren't capitalizing on it.    (They also say VR devices are having issues too)...

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