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I went to gamestop today to trade in MW3, and had planned on getting a $20 PSN card and a magazine with it.  However, once I got to the store I realized that for only a few dollars more I could get a new game.  I was looking at the shelf and saw the new Deus Ex: Human Revolution and said "Fuck it, why not".  I've never played any other Deus Ex but Ive heard good things and decided to do something different.

I also thought about getting Rayman Origins but I kind of want that for Vita. 

I ALSO thought about getting the MGS HD Collection but fuck you Konami I've already bought MGS3 from you twice already, no way am I going to do it a third time.  (I'm sorry Konami I still love you)



Anyway, anyone else ever bought a game for no other good reason other than "eh sure why not"?



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