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im going to buy the mgs 3d i hated the collection i feel i wasted 31 and change for that i didnt like the 2nd one to much on ps2 did not change cameras for 360 , and the other 2 -nes ones meh they used nes emulators for them and as a result how choppy the audio and have not tried peace walker the only one i like is 3 ,

so far ,
i think though selling games is a rip off in itself to gamestop , they tried to pull a fast one on me by offering me only $25.00 dollars for a in box ps2 from 2003-it was 2004 when i traded it (only 1 yr old)
hardly used to ,

i told them literally go fuck your self stick your twenty dollars up your behind because - i sold my snes in 2005 got 70 bucks! from a flea market! so there is no way a ps2 is worth way less lol as for impulse buys , psvita is at the top right now , until some games come out then ill feel the need to delist it because after playing asphalt injection and modnation racers  man bored bored bored to heck with it ,    


not many good games that i cant get elsewhere -which was the main problem with psp before ,  i should have  saw this coming , but i followed hype  , and was dis appointed . not by the hardware but by the games line up