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"With Switch, we all thought Nintendo would actually change for the better. As Colin explains on this week's episode of Colin Was Right, we were all catastrophically wrong."

Talks about various issues. I think it is a mixed bag, interested to see what people think of what he had to say. He is a bit over the top at times.

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Another NintenDOOM thread. Nice. -_-

Some days I just blow up.

CaptainExplosion said:
Another NintenDOOM thread. Nice. -_-

I agree with some of what he says, but he takes his conclusions too far

not meant to be a Nintendoom thread

CaptainExplosion said:
Another NintenDOOM thread. Nice. -_-

They did it to themselves with that horrible reveal.......problem is that they barley showed anything worthwhile. Only gameplay for their motion games....and a bunch of reveals of nothing. 

Preston Scott

Couldn't listen to him for long. He tried to come across as objective, but he really wasn't.

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Versus_Evil said:
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Yeah, I kinda agree with him on most points. Nintendo is out of touch for the most part. Ill get the Switch for those occasional times they release a great game, like I did on the WiiU.

Nintendo will just never be what they once was. That might be a great thing for many, but I'm getting tired of being confused by their decisions and annoyed about the lack of information on their products.

CaptainExplosion said:
Another NintenDOOM thread. Nice. -_-

The more Nintendoom there's in the air, the better Nintendo's going to be doing.

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This is Colin Moriarty of Kinda Funny Games. He grew up as big of a Nintendo fanboy as they come. He openly admits he would drink Miyamoto's bath water at one point of his life. But Colin grew up, and Nintendo didn't. He was hoping Nintendo would make a console that he would want for the first time in 15 years. The rumors surrounding the console had him more hyped than he had been since the Gamecube was launched. He hoped Nintendo was finally going to make a console that would push him back into being a happy Nintendo console owner, but worried that Nintendo was Nintendo, and would fuck it all up.

Unfortunately Colin was right.