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Brainwaves is a brand new feature that hands the power of content creation to the gamer by using one simple interface.

Currently there are four options for use:

1. Share a Thought

Thoughts are short form messages of less than 140 characters and the most basic way of sharing on Gamewise. A Thought can be literally that - anything that springs to mind.

2. Start a Discussion

Discussions are a step up from Thoughts in that further information can be added. These are more like traditional forum posts, so try to start topics that will engage other users.

3. Write a Review

As well as simply rating games, users can now write full Reviews. This enables users to give their full opinions on the game in question.

4. Write an Article

Articles can range from reporting news to opinion pieces, giving the chance for budding game writers to reach an audience of like-minded gamers.

Why not try adding your own Brainwave now and start interacting with other Gamewise users!



As has been said many times in the past, this isn't mean to be a replacement for gamrConnect, it is something very different, but hopefully it will offer a different way for you guys to interact with each other away from the "console wars". If nothing else, please give it a try and let us know any (constructive) feedback that you may have.

Any VGChartz users who signed up before August 2012 will already have a duplicated account on Gamewise (same login and username as on VGChartz) - everyone else will have to sign up fresh.


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Nice. Will try it out. Should be a refreshing change to talk only (mostly?) about the games themselves

I love how clean and tidy everything looks.

Awesome Ill certainly check it out

Neat. I'll check on this, thanks for making this announcement here.

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A few good initial posts:

Hey ioi, I cant change my avatar while browsing on my phone. I get all the way to "Upload" but get a blank screen when I press it.

Any advice?

It is a flash-based uploader (for various reasons) so won't work on an iPhone?

Desire HD.

No worries, Ill just wait until I get on a computer later

Gonna link my Far Cry 3 user review here then:



Will it be possible in the future to sort by reviews, articles, thoughts and discussions ?

I fear that reviews and articles might not get the best attention since they're likely to move down quickly on the list in favour of several (probably not as meaningful) thoughts.

EDIT: editing reviews and articles might also be useful :P