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How many units will PSASBR sell?

less than 2 million 242 56.15%
more than 2 million 135 31.32%
more than 5 million 28 6.50%
more than 10 million 4 0.93%
more than 15 million 22 5.10%

Good prediction.


Dig this thread up when my prediction comes true in the year 201x.

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It will be the ultimate game for all kinds of playstation fans, every major character gets represented. +bundling and viral marketing/word to mouth marketing=$$$$$$$$$


4 ≈ One

What have you done..

yes i think sony will bundle this game with the ps3 slim. like a boss

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Indeed it will.

Heavily bundled it will, but so can almost every other game.

If you are talking about the PSV and PS3 versions combined then this might possibly come true at some point down the line, but I doubt it.....if you're talking about just the PS3 version though, then I disagree. I'd say 1.5-2 million at the absolute max.

Chris Hu said:
Heavily bundled it will, but so can almost every other game.

Not every game. Only a select games.

If bundled, yes. If not, no.

PS3- 3mil LT
Vita- 1.5mil LT.

Best case scenario. It'll sell like the original Smash Bros., only slightly worse. No way it can pull 5mil, no new IP (or really any Sony game) has.managed that...


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