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Forums - Sales Discussion - Not only is the Wii bubble going to burst but it will EXPLODE!!!!

I'm not going to comment on this thread, mainly because the OP attempted to be a fairly tame poster, but somehow has resorted to a similar posting style as this member: Coincidence?

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this is just wishfull thinking, i am sorry but i completely disagree with u. the wii sales wont die down to a level that the ps3 or 360 sells at. also nintendo is one of the smartest game companies or companies for that matter, do u honestly think for a minute that nintendo is going to let sony or m$ back into a race this gen, really ?. come on, pls use some common sense . just like any system, software is what sells systems. in japan the ps3 is selling hardware because it has games that ppl want, but after the ff13 demo dies down is has nothing to go against the wii and everyone knows that. nintendo will show off games that the hardcore faithfull nintendo want at e3 and tokyo game show, and if anyone honestly thinks nintendo wont do that after the e3 bashing it got last year, then u are a moron for thinking that. nintendo and the wii will be just fine through out the year and when this year is over its sales will be #1 just like it has been so far this gen. i think all systems will do very good this year, the ps3 is finally showing alot of promise and its games are very cool, the 360 is showing its got life,potential and promise left inside it yet, and the wii has a ton of games coming out this year yet for us to play.





even if that happend, Nintendo already did a great achievement in becoming the market leader when everyone thought they were gonna stop making consoles after the gamecube

Seeing how the huge majority of the profits generated by the Wii and its software have been going into Nintendo's pocket I fail to see how the Wii failure would have that huge of an impact on the game industry at large.

Heck at best it could improve the financial situation of all the third parties that haven't yet invested significantly in Wii software development...

PS3-Xbox360 gap : 1.5 millions and going up in PS3 favor !

PS3-Wii gap : 20 millions and going down !

Avinash_Tyagi said:
Hawk said:
Avinash_Tyagi said:
LOL, another ridiculous thread about the Wii being doomed

Dude.  He said not to say that.



 But that is what it is, its a ridiculous thread for a few reasons, 2009 WW sales are better than 2008 sales so far, and the big Wii games aren't even out yet, MH3 and Sports resort are still a ways off.

Lets go back to this 2009 sales are better than 2008 sales thingy in 2 months from now ;)


PS3-Xbox360 gap : 1.5 millions and going up in PS3 favor !

PS3-Wii gap : 20 millions and going down !

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Are we still in 2006, or is this Idiocracy already?

Damn, i hope the future WM+ sales EXPLOSION will bring back some silence: ignorance and arrogance make so much noise...

But of course, we all know Nintendo can't do no good: even despite the historical success of Wii and DS, it's still not enough, and it will NEVER be enough, so the future success of WM+ won't change anything in the minds of the haters... no soul in their bubbles... (pun intended)

But why do the haters waste their precious time on the net talkin' about Wii, rather than in front of their favourite games, no matter the console(s) they were made for? That's a mystery...


"A beautiful drawing in 480i will stay beautiful forever...

and an ugly drawing in 1080p will stay ugly forever..."

Serious_frusting said:
bardicverse said:
Monster Hunter 3 being exclusive on the Wii will attract a much larger client base than you give credit for. You say that the series on the Wii cannot give people the same experience. To date, the systems the series has been on are graphically weaker than the Wii. Thus, the graphics will be the best the series has had yet. Combine that with smooth flowing motion controls, and you have something that will likely far outdo any of the previous titles.

Wii sales haven't been in a steady decline for a year, only the past 2-3 months. Sales have been quite successful over the HD systems. Ignoring this eliminates any logic in your original post.

Doom is spelled with 2 o's

Some other games that have benefited from motion controls - Metroid Prime 3, Twilight Princess, and especially Bully (definitely the most underrated game on the Wii imo)

With several core games on Wii selling over 1 mil units, people are obviously buying them as well as the casual games like Wii Fit. Until the Wii hits the PS2 level of units sold, it cannot be considered a saturated market. Again, simple logic.

I think I'm going to stop now, because I'm starting to feel that this is a joke thread I'm biting into. No one can be this ignorant.


About Monster Hunter when i said the experiance that sells the series i ment the psp version and it has nthing to do with graphics or motion why Monster hunter sells. i Will give you a clue Monster Hunter on the ps2 didnt sell Monster Hunter on the psp sells gangbusters. What can the psp do that the ps2 or the Wii cant. pluss this is the reason why the games sells


 This is the dumbest answer I have ever read.

You say the experience of the game makes it sell on PSP. Yet you do nto tell us what this so called experience is?

Then the red bolded part, you end it with a question asking what the PSP cna do hat PS2 and Wii can't.

Then you say this is the reason the game sells.



The question that you ask since you obviously don't know the answer? Or the contradiction you first made to the quesiton?


Do you have a feedback loop in your brain that caused you to trick yourself?



Of course the Wii will begin to decline in sales. Eventually everyone that wants one will have one.

"PLAYSTATION®3 is the future.....NOW.......B_E_L_I_E_V_E"

Whenever I see this in someone's sig, I pretty much disregard the entire post, although I got to thank the person who came up with this, as it pretty much revealed who the Sony fanboys are ;). And it just so happens that the TC has this in his sig (just not in red).

I will happily disagree with your thread as it does seem like a desperate fanboy attempted to bash Ninty just because Sony isn't first >.>. And I'm sorry that you want anyone who disagrees to leave the thread, but you ain't the boss of me ;).


Did I catch a time loop to 2007?

Guys do the math:

Wii Sports/Wii Remote were announced E3 2006

Balance Board/Wii Fit announced E3 2007

Wii Music/Motion Plus/Wii Sports Resort announced E3 2008


Motion Plus will maintain, and marginally increase Wii momentum when it releases in 2009 because it should broaden the number of genres and series to use motion plus, but I suspect there is one more new device to increase the functionality of the Wii.

My guess would be the head tracking thing the guy on Youtube was messing around with on Youtube back in 2007. The feature was supposed to be in Boom Blox initially.

The SD Card fix to make game downloads easier as recently as March 2009 suggests Nintendo still hasn't run out of ideas for expanding the functionality of their low-tech white box. If they had given up on Wii functionality, the firmware team would be on Wii 2 or DSi, not fixing the Wii.

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