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So, the Legend that is...... Yu Suzuki was in the top 10 and rightfully so.

Problem is IMO he should have been even higher than number 9.....

Heres the link to what IGN had to say about this genius...........

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Tremble said:
Yeah, but there are other games than mario galaxy you know ...


According to the infinite wisdom of GameRankings, SMG is the highest rated game this generation.

I would have predicted Jaffe as #1

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While, I'm a huge fan of Civilization, I would have put Meier in third place and Wright in second. Sim City and The Sims are just to big to ignore.

Also, Rob Bardo is 26??? Behind, the Fable guy, Kojima and the Rayman guy? This is the guy behind Starcraft and World of Warcraft. He made the 2006 Time list of the most influential people in the world but can't even make it higher on the list on video game developers?

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was there ever any doubt?

hello how are you.

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Millennium said:
Tremble said:
wiimusic is bad, only nintendo fanboys say it's good. Myamoto deserved this award a few years ago, now is just the shadow of himself...

The reviewer-led smear campaign against Wii Music notwithstanding, it's absolutely brilliant. Even if it were not, however, that would be a single game out of how many? 20? 30? Miyamoto shows no signs of retiring anytime soon, yet he has already been responsible for more classic than almost any four developers make -good or bad- in their entire careers.


 A HELL of a lot more than that--try 50 or 60, at least .  And he just recently said in an interview that he literally never intends to retire, and loves making games so much that he'll do it until his dying day.

This man deserves all the honours that have been bestowed upon him.  Sure, you can say that this genre of games wouldn't be the same without such and such developer.  I can say that the industry wouldn't be the same without Shigeru Miyamoto.

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Though i am a bit pleased to see that popular media still respect John Carmack, i would have expected him to be higher up, considering he gave birth to the genre which is amongst the most relevant ones even after 15 years.

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I agree with Miyamoto being number one, he did develop Mario after all....

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Kasz216 said:
Quickdraw McGraw said:
Kantor said:
Well, obviously. It couldn't have been anyone else.

Will Wright does NOT deserve third place. Was Molyneux in the top ten? Fumito Ueda?

Molyneux was 18th (Although, in my opinion, that is quite high).

Fumito Ueda was 46th, which was the most prominent reason I didn't take the rest of the list seriously.

He's made what... a total of 2 games?  Longevity has to count for a lot in something like this.

I mean the Scorpions had two hits musically bit they aren't one of the best bands of all time.


what about Will Wright ? he made one game the sims.

Fumito Ueda is known for being a perfectionist , he doesnt  release a game until he is sure its exactly like what he want it to be in his visions, that itself is amazing.


But. these "Top 10 " things are all a matter of opinions all those men and women are the best in their own way.

PullusPardus said:

what about Will Wright ? he made one game the sims.

Fumito Ueda is known for being a perfectionist , he doesnt  release a game until he is sure its exactly like what he want it to be in his visions, that itself is amazing.


One game??  Even if you ignore Spore, please tell me that's hyperbole.  I don't want to consider myself old for knowing about SimCity when younger gamers apparently never even heard of it.