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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Predict the IGN Metroid Review

This is not the IGN Review discussion thread. This is the IGN Metroid Review Prediction thread. 

This will be a short prediction, since the review will be up in a little less than 2 1/2 hours. Good Luck.

  • 10.1) yacjuman, llewdebkram
  • 10.0) ClaudeLv250, warpspeedgo, ItsaMii
  • 9.9) RolStoppable, konnichiwa, cobretti
  • 9.8) Tarheel91, asylumx, steven787, routsounmanman
  • 9.7) Carlos710, shams
  • 9.6) Sqrl, stof, Lost tears of Kain, RoomForOneMore, PersianPrince35
  • 9.5) Lenardo, Rath
  • 9.4) johnsobas, Fazz, Shido, Astrodust, misterd, solracbrit, Twesterm
  • 9.3) Dolla Dolla, AriGold
  • 9.2) BenKenobi88, kber81, Neonrider, OriGin
  • 8.4) ballsonyourchin

                            Lenardo got it first, Rath second.  Both get a cookie.


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If IGN wants some extra traffic, it'll be 8 something.

Else, 9.3!

Edit: Cause I said so, b**** 

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9.8 (Since it's the only one left).