Forums - Sony Discussion - LBP has passed Ratchet in sales. Can it now be called a Success?

     I just found out that Little Big Planet has passed Ratchet and Clank Future in sales.  Does this mean LBP is now a success?  Little Big Planet = 1.89 million sold, Ratchet and Clank Future - 1.57 million sold.

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It was always a success... it'll definitely cross 2 million, and has a very good chance of crossing 3 million. Deserves every one of those sales.

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Its been a success since 1 mil, some people just refuse to acknowledge it

LBP was never a failure in my opinion. It was always a success. It just wasn't "huge".

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What my bro D21Lewis said. Yeah, everyone knew it would sell. However, just search for the threads with the words EPIC and LBP and see what comes up. It was pegged to be along the lines of Metal Gear, Halo 3, Gears 2 and the like. It may hit that, but folks were predicting it would hit those numbers immediately. Didn't happen. The hype train derailed when expectations were met. End of story.

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it will make it to 5 million if they dxont make a sequel for a long time

I don't know. I certainly didn't have inflated expectations for it as it was a totally unknown ip before its release, and I find the fact that it has passed Ratchet rather staggering (though before I looked up the numbers I was thinking Ratchet would be up to 3 million or at least more on equal footing with Uncharted at 2.50 million which imo it looks like LBP is also going to overtake).

Heavens to Murgatoids.

Now, as quality goes, the game is pretty good. Not a great premise, nor a popular genre, imho, and the replay value is questionable despite all the user-created sloth that we're pointed too. The single player, however, is a fun little romp. It's about as good as Brawl, to be honest, and that's quite a compliment from me. Either way, not in my top 5 this year. Fallout 3, MGS4, Persona 4, Valkyria, Bioshock, and even GTAIV all trumphed it, on the PS3/BC front, and if you expand that, I'd add L4D, Brawl, and Vesperia.

If you want to tell yourself it's a success, that's fine by me though. The truth is, if you were involved or not, this game was hyped to be the best game ever, transcend other games, and sell like crackrock. It failed in all three regards.

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For the hype it got = NOPE

For being a new IP = YEP

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my copy arrives 2mrw! i cant wait to play it!

OT: imo any game thats a new IP that sells 1m or more is a succes