Forums - Sony Discussion - LBP has passed Ratchet in sales. Can it now be called a Success?

It definitely was a success, just some people were implying that sales would be off the wall >.> (cough Gearbox 10 million cough cough).


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besides LBP is probably going to be the most profitable PS3 game barring GT5 + GT5 PRologue combined

MGS4 DLC has raniing of upto 100K

so 100K people got the $6 MGS Level pack......LBP has got to be making was made by what 20 people

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Onimusha12 said:
until we know what Sony's expectations for the game were, how much it cost to produce, manufacture & advertise vs how much it made, there's no way we can really say anything about it being a success or failure.

They expected it to sell GT5P levels. It could exceed that.

How much do you think it cost to make? Look at it!

They did advertise it a fair bit...

I would say it's a success, and it's made a fair bit of profit. They've made what, $45 million off it in revenue?


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It was never a failure from jump.

But I'm not defending the game anymore, no point.

DMeisterJ said:
It was never a failure from jump.

But I'm not defending the game anymore, no point.

You must be exhausted from defending the game.

I honestly think you shouldn't need to. It's a great game that stands on its own. Saleswise, people can argue all day whether it was amazing or not but think of it in the sense that you have a great game that is fun.


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It is a success, without a doubt. The only reason for some people moaning about it is ridicilous hype that this game had (especially on this forum) with few exceptional fanboys claiming that it will be a Mario Killer.

--OkeyDokey-- said:
fabinou said:
Since LBP has failed to be a sytem seller, we could not call this game a "success" Don't forget that this game was supposed to be the big Sony Game of the year.

As sad as this might sound, it was the biggest Sony game last year...



Really ? That's probably why PS3 sold less than last year in nov/dec...

Yes i think it is a succces, imo it has sold already well and will sell atleast another million.


I didn't realize it but Carnival Games LTD outsold LBP LTD sometime in december...

Define Success.

We can only make assumtions as to whether it's profitable or not (Personally I would imagine it's making Sony millions.) Lifetime sales should see it roll by the 2.5 million mark. Taking a quick look at the sales charts of other new IP's on the PS3 shows that LBP is selling well in comparison. At a sales level of over 2 million I also think it has a great chance of now becoming a franchise.

Sony themselves have reportedly remarked that they hope it will sell along the lines of GT5:P. Time will tell if it has the legs or not.

It would be the easiest thing in the world to jump on the claims of some posters that the game would be 'Huge' instead of taking a few steps back and looking at the other details. Among them the fact that there were other posters predicting the game would essentially flop.

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