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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What Console are you getting FFXIII for

The ps3. The Tripple ! ofcourse !

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Hyams said:
selnor said:
Hyams said:

But just because that option is there for developers doesn't mean they'll take it.

It's possible to make a game on the PS3 with no install and no load times, and yet almost no games take advantage of this. An install isn't needed in any PS3 games (multiplat or otherwise) for decent performance - Capcom, perhaps the worst PS3 install offenders, have acknowledged this - and yet many developers have fallen back onto this technique just because it's easy and cost efficent.

I honestly wouldn't be suprised if only very few 360 games took advantage of the possibility to install the entire game onto the harddrive for much the same reasons.

Ummmm, do you know how the install thing works?

Every game back to launch bar just a couple I believe are fully installable on the HDD. It's not the devs which make the game installable, it's NXE. What I meant was the devs are now encouraged by M$ (due to all games being able to download onto HDD) to optimize the code so when it's installed, it improves load times as well as choppy framerate (which can happen due to disc accessing) and no more loading textures when code is optimized.

Whereas PS3 games are dev registered installs. If the dev doesnt issue it, you cant install the game.


M$ have initiated install for 360

developer initiates on PS3


Sorry, I guess I should have made myself clearer:

I meant devs optimising their 360 games so that the install will give them a noticable improvement. At the moment, most 360 games only get a very small boost (and sometimes no boost at all) in performance from the install.


To be honest your talking about 1 month extra programming. It's just telling the code to transfer differently. It will be fairly easy to implement and if you own a HDD 60 - 120 gb it will be better for your game experience. I know I'll use the install.



Most likely 360, since I don't own a PS3 yet. I'll wait and see how both versions turn out, though. I might buy a PS3 somewhere down the line, and if the PS3 version is substantially better, I'll hold off on buying the 360 version.

I'm hesitant to pay more than $200 for a PS3, though. It has a few exclusives I'm interested in (Valkyria Chronicles!), but not enough to pay $400 for one.


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Xbox 360


That being said the PS3 version will sell alot more. I think JRPG owners bought the PS3 in general.

Worldwide the PS3 version will sell more, due to Japanese exclusivity. In the West I think JRPG gamers have moved to the 360, so will sell more on 360. I don't think the average JRPG fan will have bought a PS3, since they're no JRPGs on the platform.


Oh and yeah: you can install Lost Odyssey and play with disc 1 inserted. However the load times are still horrendous. I hope SE will do a better job.

BengaBenga said:

Oh and yeah: you can install Lost Odyssey and play with disc 1 inserted.

That's what I thought!!!

Thanks for the answer.

So my choice is even more clear: Xbox 360.


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Neoraf said:
jacks81x said:

Personally I would take game install over changing disc anyday.  You don't have to phsyically be there while the game is installing.  You pop the disc in, go grab a bite or something, come back and it's done.  Maybe it's just me, but I don't see that as that big of an inconvenience.  I mean, what's the difference between that and using a PC?  Every application on your PC needs to be installed.


If you want the most convenient version, you'll need to go with the 360 version.

Hard Drive transfer on my 120gb.

  • Faster load times than blu-ray.
  • No disc reading at all.
  • No disc swapping.
  • No game install (only the 1 time transfer of data (ISO file)).

The best version (at least for people owning 120gb 360 like me) will be FFXIII 360.

So, with achievements, Live support and the awesome 360 controller, the choice is easy.

I dont know if anyone else has done this already for this comment but here I go.....

Firstly there has been no data on any multiplat games that load faster on 360 from installing on the HDD.

One still must have a sizable HDD in the first place. If the game is filling a BluRay Disc(not confirmed but expected) it has to be 25-50gb or harddrive space. Thats like half of a 120gb hard drive, which just so happens to be the largest one out for 360 at the moment. If the hard drives were not proprietary maybe but they are so it is not good.

Who cares about disc reading? If its fast you have nothing to worry about. The 360s disc tray not having to work its self because of the HDD install is not a plus its a cancellation.

360 disc drive mutilated discs at times and was very loud, this was a PROBLEM that the 360 had. (-1 point)

360 comes now with install option which eliminates the wear and tear on the drive. FIX(+1 point)

Verdict 0000+0=0

You gained nothing for this only evened out the score, just putting that out there.

Also You do still have to swap discs. 360 requires the original disc of the game you are playing to still be in the drive in order to play it.(lol at whoever thought of that). So, looking at this objectively, anyone who installs it has it worse for they must bear a install wait time AND STILL swap discs.

LIVE support? for what? There is no online, which they have stated they didn't but were "thinking" about it. Which is code for "oops, didn't know I forgot to put that in too".

Achievements? Trophies! Equally as useless and just as pointless. Still doesn't change the fact they are fun to collect though.

360 Controller? Opinion, obviously. But what advantage can the 360 controller have over the PS3 for this game? None

If anything the PS3 version will run faster, look better, and feel much more complete then it's 360 counterpart, it was completely designed to take advantage of PS3 from when it was exclusive.This is of course in less they did not alter the plan for PS3 version so the two can look identical, if they did that is even more infuriating. Plus on PS3 you get the exclusive DEMO which will not be coming to Xbox marketplace but on a BluRay disc with FFVII ACC. Who knows, they might even give something extra to those who have the game for PS3 if they pick up Versus as well (kinda how you get extra stats in Xenosaga II if you have a full save from Xenosaga I).

The only reason to even consider buying THIS particular game on 360 is if the 360 is your only system. If it is, thats fine. If it is not, then you have no excuse because all attempts of justifying a purchase on the 360 is moot.




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PS3 for me.... Since I bought the damn machine just to get to play/own it.