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    < spurgeonryan posted something on BengaBenga's wall:

    CD-ii Month: The CD-i Zelda games are good games, according to critics

    by Alex Perepechko on March 2, 2014


    The Zelda CD-i games get a bad reputation on the internet. Fans and critics alike deride the games for their seemingly poor gameplay, ugly and washed-out graphics, and for poor voice acting. Even Nintendo themselves have tried to forget that the games exist. But the critics of the game are wrong — the games are not terrible by any stretch of the imagination. And I’m not just saying this — many contemporary critics praised the games. Though the games may have issues, they are by no means the horrible mess that many people claim the games to be. Still think I’m nuts? Hit the jump to read more about what critics thought of the games!

    At the time of the releases of The Faces of Evil and The Wand of Gamelon, the contemporary opinions of the games by critics was fairly positive. SNES Force Magazine called the two-minute animated introduction to the games “breathtaking,” and that “the sound and speech are also brilliant.” The magazine went on to praise the high-resolution backdrops, calling the game’s graphics “superb.” Joystick magazine, a part of the French video game press, echoed these statements for a development preview of the game, and in particular described The Faces of Evil as a veritable arcade-quality game with “perfect animation.” This same magazine would go on to give The Faces of Evil a 79% rating, citing the music, sound effects, and play time as strong points for the game. The Wand of Gamelon was met with similar praise. CDi Magazine (there was a magazine for everything in the 90s!) gave the game a 75% score, and stated that the game was reasonably good. The puzzles and animated sequences of the game were given praise in particular. The music of both games has been noted for blending instruments like the electric guitar, marimbas, and other unusual instruments to create a unique sound.

    CD-I Zelda Review

    See, I told you I wasn’t making this up!

    Ok, but so what if contemporary game critics gave the games positive reviews? Opinions of games change over time, and in retrospect, the game may indeed be terrible, right? Well, there have been modern critics who have given the game considerable praise. Video game writers Danny Cowan of 1up and John Szczepaniak both believe that The Faces of Evil and The Wand of Gamelon are among the best games released for the CD-i. In Issue 27 of Retro Gaming Magazine, Szczepankiak in particular suggested that many gaming publications that gave both games low scores without even having played the game themselves. Furthermore, he also argues that the CD-i games were unfairly compared to past games in the series, and believes that in their own right, the games are well done. The graphics have been another point of praise by modern critics, and many of them view the game’s art style to be very Monet-esque. Though critics generally agree that both games had poor controls, the games themselves were hardly a disaster and unplayable.

    So there you have it, the CD-i games aren’t the worst possible games to ever be released. A lot of the people that criticize the games haven’t played the games, and are basing their perception on what other people have written about it. Contemporary and modern critics agree that the overall, The Wand of Gamelon and The Faces of Evil were good games, with many elements of both games being well done. Do the games have flaws? Sure, but the game’s aren’t as bad as the internet paints them to be.

    And yes, I know I did not include Zelda’s Adventure in the discussion above. That’s because the game genuinely was absolutely awful. Even Szczepankiak , a starch defender of the other two games, called the game out for being absolutely terrible. But still, the other two CD-i games aren’t too bad. If you can afford to grab a CD-i and one of the games, be sure to check them out for yourselves.

    < Kaizar posted something on BengaBenga's wall:

    Vote for your favorite Comic Book Movie of 2013, and check out the OP:

    Top 18 Movies of Summer 2013 Thread:

    Star Wars episode 7,8,9, & solos Thread:

    < noname2200 posted something on BengaBenga's wall:

    Hello! You are cordially invited to join our community for the fourth, and likely last, Wii Secret Santa event! If you're interested, just PM me or post in this thread:

    by December 20th.

    Alternatively, if you're more into PC gaming at the moment, you can join us for VGChartz' third Steam Secret Santa event instead. Just PM me, or post in this thread:

    by the 20th.

    Either way, have a happy holiday season, and see you around the forums!

    < supermario128 posted something on BengaBenga's wall:

    Didn't even realize you came back again, but I'm glad that you are.

    < spurgeonryan posted something on BengaBenga's wall:

    Glad to see that a lot of you old members are coming back now!

    Montana Hatchet has taken the leap and rejoined us for good, how about you?

    on 24 November 2011

    I guess we'll see, but I would like to

    on 25 November 2011

    It has been really busy here recently. Too bad you missed it, now when you do come back it will probably be slow again.

    on 05 February 2012

    Actually not too bad now that you have come back a few times. Ofcourse night time in America is always slow here.

    on 16 February 2012

    Nope, still not done changing yet.

    on 01 May 2012

    I lurk
    Your N64 challenge is awesome!

    on 01 May 2012

    Well in that case, flash mob on Darths wall time now.

    on 10 May 2012

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    How was the VGC of Old?! Newbs and Vets welcome alike!

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    How was the VGC of Old?! Newbs and Vets welcome alike!

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    Gilgamesh said: DanneSandin said: Oh man, I wouldn't even now where to "branch out"... what the hell? :P But I agree that ppl need to lighten up! It's not until recently I've understood what ppl like Rol is doing (well, at least in some cases)... I think I saw you over att the Wii fad thread, right? I found that quite amusing! But what is a thread of epic propotions to...

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    How was the VGC of Old?! Newbs and Vets welcome alike!

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 May 2012

    RolStoppable said: NiKKoM said:It was awesome.. we had threads without spurgeonryan.. good times.. nowadays he is just everywhere... This. And we had more Dutchmen posting, but then we lost our third World Cup final and a lot of our fellow countrymen disappeared forever. But we're going to win the EC, so all will  be well :-)...


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