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There some, but you get access to "warp points" (for lack of a better term) very early in the game, so the pain is minimal.

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Prime 3 is great. It can get tedious though if you can't figure out what to do next. Very un-linear.

I have played Echoes and Corruption, Echoes for sure had you going back to old areas alot more.

On a side note, though Corruption has solid controls and other qualities I kinda missed that atmosphere that Echoes, which I preferred, had.

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very little,alot less then the other two

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Don´t worry that thing..Just buy the game and explore vast areas and shimmering views..

Like a salesman speech..:)

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There's very little backtacking compared to the previous Metroid Prime's. Don't worry.

there's not much backtracking, exept somewhere near the end of the game. That's a very annoying part i think. You should still buy it though.

Like everyone else said, there isn't very much. They definitely tried to make it more mainstream, and while there is some back tracking it's got far less than 1 or 2 did.

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The only backtracking that bothered me was for a couple of those stupid energy cells.

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I actually enjoy the backtracking part of Metroid Prime 1 and 2.

I mean get a new item and use it to access a different area in a area you have been to previously LOL

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