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    Write 186

    What Will Be The Biggest Flops of 2014?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 January 2014

    Unfortunately it will probably be Bayonetta 2....

    Write 75

    This Is What VGCharts Looked Like in 2007

    in General Discussion on 15 December 2013

    I remember the blue and white style from 2008. It's still very pleasant to look at. We should go back to that....

    Write 92

    Your largest videogame collection is for which console(s)?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 December 2013

    For me it's Wii, with 53 physical games....

    Write 26

    I just bought over $500 worth of eshop cards

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 December 2013

    Wow. That's beautiful....

    Write 178

    Do You Consider Wii U A Current/Next-gen console?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 December 2013

    Anyone who says anything other than 8th gen just doesn't understand the meaning of the word "generation."...

    Write 42

    Does anyone here regret their handheld color choices?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 December 2013

    I have the Zelda 3DS and the Pikachu 3DS XL so they don;t count I guess. I never have really regretted the colors I've bought. I picked out the color I liked most at the time. Its just that they usually release a better color after I've bought mine (Purple 3DS)....

    Write 47

    How to spend $4,000 on video games in 1 Hour!

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 December 2013

    Wii U's for everyone!...

    Write 45

    2014 = Year Of Yoshi!!! <(^_^<)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 November 2013

    I would love some official Year of Yoshi merchandise!...

    Write 121

    Bravely Default looks like the RPG we've all been waiting for

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 November 2013

    I'll definitely be picking up the special edition in February....

    Write 56

    Faulty Wii U launch systems

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 November 2013

    Mine has run fine since launch day. I think it froze up once or twice before I downloaded the day one update, but after that its been flawless....

    Write 112

    What is an ethomaz? (explain your user name)

    in General Discussion on 12 November 2013

    Just a play on Nintendo....

    Write 28

    Super Smash Bros (N64) Top 5 Favorite Playable Characters? (Doing A Ranking of Everybody)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 November 2013

    1. Captain Falcon 2. Fox 3. Kirby 4. Mario 5. Ness...

    Write 37

    Super Mario 3D World! Who's Going to be Your Playable Character?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 November 2013

    I played Toad in SMB2 so I'll stick with him in 3D World....

    Write 69

    The Wii Sports Club Official Thread - First Impressions

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 November 2013

    I'll probably get Tennis, and maybe Golf when it releases. ...

    Write 8

    Do you cover your Game Pad screen with anything?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 November 2013

    No. Haven't used one since launch. No noticable scratches on the screen. I don't buy screen protectors for anything....

    Write 105

    What is your favorite GameCube game and why?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 October 2013

    Resident Evil 4 was flawless. The game still looks and plays great today too. The game I sunk the most time into was definitely Melee....

    Write 211

    Post image(s) of your Wii U collection so far

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 October 2013

    Here's my list since my games are split up between my dorm and home. Retail: Assassin's Creed III The Legend of Zelda, The Wind Waker HD Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate New Super Luigi U New Super Mario Bros. U Nintendo Land ZombiU Download: Little Inferno Toki Tori 2+ Earthbound F-Zero Super Metroid Balloon Fight...

    Write 18

    Worst 3D Sonic game besides Sonic 06

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 October 2013

    Shadow the Hedgehog was awful and Sonic Unleashed was really bad too. I loved both the Adventure games, especially the second. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to play Colors or Generations yet....

    Write 22

    Nintendo releases 2 new limited 3DS colors in Japan - NSFW

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 October 2013

    I love the colored buttons on the black background. I'd be all over those if I didn't already have the Pikachu 3DS XL....

    Write 13

    Club Nintendo question!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 October 2013

    I don't think they'll ship any physical prizes to you then....

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