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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How far away are we from seeing games like Horizon: Zero Dawn and Spiderman 2018 on Switch/Switch 2?

Chrkeller said:

I never understood the console war mentality. If Horizon and Spider end up on the S2, that is a good thing. The games are still great, will increase exposure and revenue for Sony, which is money and motivation for sequels.

Exclusives do not help gamers.

Do you want Nintendo to have a monopoly on the console market? I'm fine with everything going on pc but if Sony gives there major ips to Nintendo that would hurt ps5 sales and Sony image as well. Unless Nintendo does the samething this would hurt the Playstation brand.

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I think the question is, will hardware be the future as a company or will it be software? Given how many different ways there are to play games, software is going to be the future. Just too much competition in the hardware space.


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It could happen with PS4 games, if they can get more sales out of those games.

But like, it pretty much stops there I reckon, depending on whether Switch 2 is not on par with the PS5.

Would love it but I dont see it happening to be honest - at least not with God of War for sure.

I can see LBP along with Ratchet and Clank though.

Horizon may have a Lego game coming to Switch, but Lego is so different.

I say Spider-Man (2018) has a shot before Horizon because of how bankable Spider-Man is. He's probably the most profitable and iconic superhero ever, only matched or exceeded by Batman.
I really don't see Spider-Man getting a Switch port, but Switch 2 is not extremely unlikely.

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If not this decade that sort of thing should happen next decade I think. In the past decade exclusivity has declined massively and even in the past 5 years it's significantly declined so this decade could end up being the last one where hardware exclusivity is a major part of the industry. The main factor for that will be what Nintendo does and how much longer they'll continue to strongly push it.

Shit release Zelda and Mario on PS5/PC/xbox then since its exciting for you seeing exclusives go on every platform and watching fanboy melt downs.

Chrkeller said:

I never understood the console war mentality. If Horizon and Spider end up on the S2, that is a good thing. The games are still great, will increase exposure and revenue for Sony, which is money and motivation for sequels.

Exclusives do not help gamers.

Console exclusives, made by the 1st party developers (including 2nd party like Xenoblade and Pokemon) have one major advantage. The need to sell consoles by having games you can only get there means they are pushed to make higher polished, more varied, and otherwise attractive games. 

This is why something like God of War and Horizon come off as better and more polished single player games in a sea of Ubisoft. This is why Nintendo saved Bayonetta from being a one off and releases a lot of stuff you don't see a ton of from the higher echelons of gaming like platformers and strategy games. 

Look at how Sega's lineup shifted after they became third party. You will get lesser results if they start relying on other consoles....hell look at Microsoft. 

Console wars, even without outright insults a la Genesis and SNES, lead to competition and in turn leads to better services and products from the publishers. No competition means lesser products.

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zeldaring said:
Soundwave said:

If LEGO had full control over this process, this game would be on XBox too. 

IMO, Sony is OK with this and signed off on it as clearly they have enough control to keep it off the XBox. 

With less direct competetion from XBox, Sony may just feel like there isn't as much to hurt them from having some games on other platforms. 

Spider-Man on Switch 2 wouldn't totally shock me. 

If they wanted there major ip's on switch they would have ported there major games from ps3 for easy money.  The fanbase on switch would love to have last of us, uncharted, GOW, and little big planet. Anything is possible though but for me this  does nothing, it reminds of  when nintendo put a mario game on mobile.

Nintendo has like multiple mobile games that they put on mobile after Mario from major IP like Pokemon, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, so I'm not sure that analogy really works. 

Pemalite said:
Soundwave said:

The size of the PC gaming market for people who own a rig that can run a modern-ish game well is also way smaller than 200 million. It's maybe more like another 60+ million. A lot of people who buy high end GPUs buy it for professional reasons too (video editing, music/content creation, computer graphics, etc.), it's not a given that everyone that has a high end GPU is using it to play games on. 

Statistics are:
* 47.08% of PC users have 16GB of system Ram, matching the current consoles.
* 34.07% of PC users have 24GB/32GB/48/64GB/128GB/256GB+ of system Ram, exceeding the current consoles.

That's 81.14% of users who can match or beat the current gen consoles with Ram.

* 41.59% of PC users have 8x or more CPU cores... However, modern 6-core CPU's can out-perform the 8-cores in the current consoles anyway and modern 8-core processors crap all over the consoles. - That and the current consoles can't use all 8 cores for gaming, PC can.

That's 74.69% of PC users have a CPU that match or exceed the current consoles.

* 43% of steam users shit all over the current consoles GPU's.

However GPU's are interesting, because unlike consoles... You can choose and scale back settings to run on lower-end hardware, they also have their own RAM.
Not to mention not all console games use 100% of the console GPU anyway, meaning it's a waste.

I.E. Games like Fornite, Minecraft, GTA 5 etc' are the most popular games on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, yet are games that can run on GPU's half as capable and be just fine. - Many PC gamers gravitate towards those titles with lower GPU demands and thus only upgrade when there is a need.

PC Gaming can also be far more efficient thanks to the likes of DLSS for example.

But your ability to paint PC hardware as "inadequate" is definitely far from the truth... And I don't think you realise how "stale" the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 hardware has become.

System RAM is an outlier because it's not Video RAM, how many people have 8GB or less of VRAM on their GPUs ... probably a shit ton. It means the Switch 2 for example has more usable video RAM than many of the more popular video cards on Steam. 

My point is equating PC all to high end users is simply false, a big chunk of PC rigs are on the lower end. The no.2 GPU on Steam is the GTX 1650, lol that's not even an RTX capable card, the no.1 is the 3060, not exactly bleeding edge.