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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Gaming IPs that you got a late start in and ended up liking and which game got you into them?

What are some of the gaming IPs out there that took you a few entries before they really reeled you in? It could be because your tastes changed, because you never really encountered the series, or even if it was because the games weren't localized for your market. 

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Lets see.
FF6 although that may not count since It was FF3 when I played it.
Tales of I started with Graces F.
Dragon Quest was 8, and then 10. 8 came with a demo of FF12.
YS 8. Didn't know about it, saw a trailer and was immediately sold.
Persona 4 golden (saw a commercial for it on attack of the show).
Atelier. I tried the older ones and they didn't fit for me. Tried Ryza and was a huge fan.

You are bound to love Earthbound.

For me:

FF6/3. Missed out on the first two
The Witcher 3
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Not only was the series still new to the West but I also missed Blazing Blade and Sacred Stones. I was aware of the series, though, from Nintendo Power
Tales of Symphonia. Missed the PS1 games.
Tekken 3. I thought the first two Tekken games were the Dollar General store-brand version of Virtua Fighter.
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. I was aware of the series but the games kept coming out relatively late in their systems' lifespans, The first game didn't come out in the US until after the N64 launched.
Yakuza 3.
Persona 4.

Kirby, funnily enough, my first experience with at my youngest age was playing Kirby 64 not knowing anything. Later on, I got my hands on playing Dreamland 2 on a friend's Gameboy but remembered almost nothing from the experience. My first true experience was in fact playing Triple Deluxe on a borrowed cartridge from a friend and I huuuh kinda feel asleep to it lol. Completed the campaign as fast as I could and didn't look back before Planet Robobot released the next year ...

That game single handheldly changed my opinion on the franchise and my appreciation of previous games. Even bought myself a copy of Triple Deluxe and did a 100% of it eventually.

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Kingdom Hearts. Didnt check it out until 2018 I think it was. Now Ive beaten them all(excpet for the mobile ones)

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Persona 5 got me into Atlus Games JRPGs.

Tales of Arise is making me consider buying more Tales games.

I have yet to try a Ys game, but I want to try it out too. Also Trails series.

Final Fantasy I suppose, started with Final Fantasy VIII and I've since played through several dozen games in the series.

Dragon Quest 8, though that is in large part because none of the previous games in the series had been released in Europe.

The Legend of Heroes, started with the first Trails in the Sky, but again, none of the previous games have been released in Europe so starting earlier wasn't really an option. I have played every release since then, up to Trails to Azure.

Monster Hunter, the first one I properly played was World, though I had tried Tri on Wii years ago.

Monkey Island, didn't play a game in the series until 2017, apart from a very brief attempt with the first game back in the mid-90s.

Can't think of others right now.

Total War. I remember my dad playing Rome: Total War and Medieval: Total War and I would always play the games he would. I was used to him playing Real-Time Strategy games like StarCraft, Warcraft, and Age of Empires as well as Turn-Based Strategy games like Sid Meier's Civilization or Real-Time Tactics games like Myth II: Soulblighter.

Total War though looked a weird of combination of these genres though lol. Every time I tried to play them, I just couldn't get into them. I had never played something that was trying to be multiple genres at once and I didn't like it.

And that actually was the case for YEARS! It wasn't until Total War: Warhammer in 2016 that it finally clicked! I think it had to do with the Warhammer Fantasy setting rather than a historical setting that piqued my interest to actually try to fully understand the games mechanics, but when it did, I was hooked!

Ys. I got into it with YS8 and boy was I missing out. This franchise is now one of my favorites and you can bet your sexy round ass im waiting for Ys X Nordics to release in the west.

Monster Hunter. Tho im unsure if I joined late, I started with MhTriU and I understand it was one of the first released in the west, so maybe I joined just in time. Regardless, its also one of my favorite franchises now and MHW/Iceborne ranks amongst my top5 games of all times.

Baldurs Gate. Joined just now with Baldurs Gate 3. 10/10 stuff.

I tried a few hours of a few Zelda games growing up. Four Swords Anniversary was my first completion, but it was A Link Between Worlds that opened the gate for Ocarina of Time 3D, Breath of the Wild, and Tears of the Kingdom.
I never played a Persona game until Persona 4 Golden on Vita in 2021. Now, the only games in the series I haven't played are the pre-Persona 3 games. I haven't played the vanilla versions of 3-5 or FES. But Dancing games, Strikers, etc I have played.
I never played Final Fantasy until playing VII on PS4 in 2021. From there, I've played other stuff about VII and XIV.

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