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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Do you think there will be another Xbox console after Series X/S? (Next-Gen Console, Not revision)


Will there be another Xbox console gen after the Series X/S?

Yes 60 74.07%
No, Xbox Series X/S will ... 21 25.93%

With the recent rumors and heavy speculation coming out about Microsoft potentially going fully 3rd party to bring all their exclusives to PS & Switch, do you think we will see another next gen Xbox console release after the Series X/S or will the Series X/S be the last Xbox console before Microsoft becomes 3rd party?

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Yes, but it'll probably be the last and all-digital

I don't think we will see another xbox. MS is turning into a game provider/service. Interesting move. Consoles lose money, software makes money.
If Nintendo would support steam ports I could give up consoles for good.


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I don't expect them to give up the console business,
but other than that I have no idea.

At this point I feel fairly certain they will make the jump to PC based hardware like the Steam Deck. It would be a lot easier to make and develop for and I don't think they care about the downsides at this point (a less self-contained ecosystem). So I do think it will be their last "traditional" console.

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Current rumours (from the same people that were leaking this new multiplatform approach) suggest multiple different Xbox SKU's are on the way to release over the next several years. They are changing their approach to both software and hardware, but new hardware is coming.

As of now, no. Info has come up into light about their plans for another Xbox in the works, but the hardware results of this generation and the already downward trending sales tells me interest has truly limited itself for a good while.

Recent acquisitions and ear says on the matter let people think they will eventually do the jump to an only software and service based company which I think will eventually happen. Their investments into cloud based structures and Gamepass is indicative of that.

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If not for the revision I don't know. They will likely push cloud/TV apps I think. I mean if it wasn't for the Keystone streaming box it versus the PS Portal would have been the case in a way.

Subscriptions, online play, MTX, cloud and apps to 'play anywhere' is their goal. They could have made an Xbox Handheld but like with Sony knew the hardware situations for tech of 2000s phones (Windows Phone) and Tablets/Pocket PCs/PDAs as Windows was running on them besides the competitors of Palm or other companies OS/devices and them not being around anymore as things have changed.

They had Windows on Pocket PCs and PDAs (HP and others had PDAs back in the day) the more business purposes they served (Gizmodno and Tapwave Zodiac lended into that and Tapwave were ex Palm employees aka from one of the biggest PDA companies of that era, their both flops and the worst selling handhelds let alone unknown to many people other than us that know our gaming history/seek it out but still some devices were influenced/took from it the same way Nokia did with the NGage/NGage 2.0 service).

Those were even besides being business devices in target audience and expensive, were still 2000s versions of the Steam Deck, GPD devices, Aya Neo ones and so on.

GPD have been making handheld PCs for years I don't know how long but many DS/3DS style ones way before the Steam Deck it's just it wasn't gaming companies recongisable (sure they had game controls on them of course) so people didn't pay attention to it like oh a big company like Valve is doing it we listen. Lenovo, Alienware and more doing it.

We could see a Android/cloud one like the Logitech G Cloud maybe. Or we could just see more software and well apps as Microsoft is a software company primarily.

It's just instead of Samsung/Sony/OQO and certain other OEMs of the 2000s and more it's the PC OEMs getting into it because Valve did and whatever form factors, the Lenevo Legion has split controllers like the Switch, the rest don't have that feature, the more niche companies were always there.

Sega did Saturn and PC back in the day so it's not unheard of having multiple sources alongside console to make money.

PC and mobile are fair platforms to support. Mobile where more than just cloud is likely. They have King now so instead of trying to get other studios to make the isometric Halo games (Spartan Assault and Spartan Strike on Xbox, Windows phone, IOS, PC for Assault which came first and Strike only got IOS and PC so hmm they really back tracked on platform there).

They can just get King to make something or maybe some more push into mobile again like Sony did with cellphones (Ratchet Going Mobile, God of War Betrayal are ones I remember), to somewhat again alongside Vita with PS Mobile (or they had PS Allstars Island or something on mobile with the Coke Zero promo) then now again with WipEout Rush that died, I forget when they did Run Sackboy Run, they have Fate GO and whatever else.

Sony made a dual screen phone, but barely supports dual screen/asymmetrical stuff anymore other than what the online games not hardware of that sort (Vita/Playlink party games with smartphones for PS4/PSVR early on did it in Playroom VR minigames).

If Xbox/Microsoft want to move to other sources of money they will do so. They put Windows and Office on so many things so far at this point. Whats to say they don't expand on Steam Deck and other PC handhelds of handheld mode. We have Surface Duo will dual screen apps/games more I don't think so too niche still.

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It's already been leaked that they signed another contract with AMD so it's happening.

I hope so; it would be a shame to see them go third party.
The Xbox One was meh, but the 360 is in my top 5 favourite consoles of all time, and I preferred the OG Xbox over the PS2 and Gamecube.

Still, it really does feel like their current spiral is inescapable; the Series is dead in the water, retailers are apparently starting to drop physical Xbox games, and their mindshare is arguably worse than it's ever been.
I guess you could've said something similar about the Wii U in 2015 or the Gamecube in 2004, but Xbox doesn't have Nintendo's history of catching lightning in a bottle via innovative hardware solutions, and their awful management since 2013 does little to inspire confidence.