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Forums - Sales Discussion - Palworld has sold over 5 million copies in just 3 days

BasilZero said:
Mar1217 said:

And the other similar game to Palworld with another open world Ark craft system is also in the Top 3, Enshrouded.

Can't wait for short-sighted AAA publishers to hop on the trend lol.

As for the hope of a long lasting life cycle. It's completely up in the air still. Game has only been out for more than two weeks and the size of it's team mean they won't be able to prepare meaningful content on a timely matter. For an early access game, it isn't too bad but the retention can be a bitch sometimes.

For how long until the next big release that makes these players flock elsewhere is the question really ...

Square Enix is about to do a Foamstars with the idea, watch it flop as well lol

Worst, people with the PSN + Extra I believe can obtain for free (but have to purchase later) and so far just looking on the PC sign, the game is doing dud numbers so yeah ... SE will have to wait for its next successful GAAS game lol.

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Player counts are down, but that is to be expected I suppose. Will be interesting to see how far it drops.

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15 Million on Steam and 10 million on Xbox

Nice, 25 mil is a really good number. I'm guessing it'll hit 30-40 mil easily especially when it goes on sale eventually in the future.

Player count being down is normal for a game of this genre, since there's always a new survival game coming out almost every other week lol

Wonder how well Palmworld will sell after it's next big update comes out.