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Forums - Movies & TV - Favourite Indiana Jones movie?

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The best movie is:

Raiders of the Lost Ark 21 38.89%
The Temple of Doom 2 3.70%
The Last Crusade 29 53.70%
The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 1 1.85%
The Dial of Destiny 1 1.85%

Tough decision for me between Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade.

I thought The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was bad but then I watched The Dial of Destiny lol

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I haven't watched the original trilogy since I was a kid so I really need to rewatch those before the game releases.

For me Crusade is by far the best.
Temple is not that far behind Raiders.
I haven't yet seen Dial, hopefully it'll be better than Kingdom.

Raiders>Last Crusade>Temple of Doom>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Dial of Destiny>Crystal Skull


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I legitimately only watched Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ... So I'mma elect the Indiana Jones Lego Trilogy as the best lol

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For me, it's Crusade>Doom>Raiders>Destiny and then the other one.

For me there are 3 tiers to the indiana jones movies. The top tier has raiders of the lost ark and the last crusade. The second tier has Temple of doom and dial of destiny, both good movies but not great like the other 2. The bottom tier obviously has kingdom of the crystal skull.
Out of the top 2, the last crusade is my favourite.

Still Raiders of the Lost Ark. Though The Last Crusade is not far behind, also great. Temple of Doom is good and fun too, but definitely below the other two. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Dial of Destiny are entertaining enough, but pretty weak otherwise. Not sure yet which of these beats the other.

The Last Crusade just edges Raiders for me. The chemistry between Connery and Ford is brilliant.

Temple of Doom in third place. The other two I think are fairly decent - I don't think they're as bad as a lot of people suggest.

Its been years since I've seen any of them (of the first three).

Havent seen Crystal Skull or the latest one.

Gonna do a marathon run with my wife since she's never seen any of the movies and I havent seen it in probably like 20 years.

My vote goes to Raiders of the Lost Ark.