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Forums - Sales Discussion - how many units will the ps5 sell in its lifetime


How many units will the PS5 sell lifetime?

Under 80M 2 5.13%
80M-90M 1 2.56%
90M-100M 0 0%
100M-110M 7 17.95%
110M-120M 13 33.33%
120M-130M 11 28.21%
Over 130M 5 12.82%

Similar to the PS4 I think, so 110M-120M

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I'd say 110m - 120m at this point.

If the release date does end up being 2028 then somewhat higher than the PS4. Also OP you posted the poll options in the wrong place.

In previous predictions I've been at 105 million. I'll stick with it. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

@jvmkdg I hope you don't mind, but I added a poll to your thread using the ranges you posted in the OP.

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I went with 110 to 120m. Seems like a good range with the usual 175 to 180m that Xbox and PS5 have shared for 3 generations now.

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110-120, I'll say 115 million (just shy of PS4).
Admittedly, PS6 could take until 2028 which could help PS5.
And while Switch (and its upcoming successor) are not in direct competition with Xbox and PlayStation, they will surely have some effect. Wii U was a flop, and Switch (IIRC) didn't start outselling PS4 in a given year until at least 2018, if not 2019.
Xbox Series X/S and how it will affect PS5 is interesting. Xbox Series X/S used to be outpacing Xbox One, but is now slightly behind in the time spans compared. PS5 being widely available for nearly a year now seems like a problem for Xbox. Series S used to be far easier to find than an PS5, but that doesn't seem like a factor anymore.

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Same as PS4.

As of right now I would say around ~130m. If this generation is longer than last the total amount of system sold will probably be a little higher and by now it seems like the PS to Xbox ratio will also be a little higher. Should make for a notable difference combined.

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I think anything bellow 80 million can be discharged at this point barring something very unexpected like a war hindering production, a new console release in the 2 years, Sony announcing to bankrupt or something like that