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Forums - Sales Discussion - how many units will the ps5 sell in its lifetime


How many units will the PS5 sell lifetime?

Under 80M 2 5.13%
80M-90M 1 2.56%
90M-100M 0 0%
100M-110M 7 17.95%
110M-120M 13 33.33%
120M-130M 11 28.21%
Over 130M 5 12.82%

I'd say like 60 million. Maybe 60 million and a half or so

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I think it will be tracking at a similar rate to PS4 by the end of it's 6th full FY (Purple) however it should have a stronger tail (PS4's tail end was cut short by Covid) so i think 128 million.

I think it's currently tracking slightly ahead of the PS4, right? So I'll go with 120 million.

110 million

My two cents : 120-130M.

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