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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Which year was better for the Switch? 2022 or 2023?


Which year was better for the Switch?

2022 8 32.00%
2023 17 68.00%

Which one was better for you?

Imo I felt like looking back at the Switch in 2022 it was a bit of an overrated year, the games that released weren't neccesarily bad but nothing that was like Zelda TOTK or Mario Wonder worthy of hype. Switch Sports & Mario Strikers ended up being somewhat disappointments, I like Splatoon but I never really understood the existence of Splatoon 3 as I still feel like they didn't do enough improvements to the game to make a sequel that early, especially in the same generation. I never really cared about the Pokemon games and S&V ended up not being that good as well. Kirby Forgotten Land was cool but I'm not huge into Kirby either. I felt like 2022 had a good amount of good games but not great.

I actually preferred 2023 tbh, got a remaster of Metroid Prime that really felt like a remake, one of my favorite games of all time. Zelda TOTK speaks for itself. Mario Wonder is looking like its going to be the most revolutionary and best 2D Mario in 33 years since Mario World, and ngl it's reaching nearly Mario Odyssey levels of hype for me. I'm excited for Mario RPG as well. Pikmin 4 is cool even though I'm not big into it, we also got ports of 1 & 2. Ngl I'd even debate that 2023 may be even better then 2017 Switch.

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Saving my vote for late December or early January but so far 2022 probably would win by default because the year isn't over yet. Also, I haven't completed the main quest of any 2023 Switch game. Almost everything I've played this year was 2022 or before.
2022 had Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which is the best Xenoblade game.
2023 will probably win out because Tears of the Kingdom is at least excellent, possibly amazing. Super Mario Bros. Wonder will probably be excellent, and Super Mario RPG looks great.

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Prime Remastered, GoldenEye added to NSO, GB and GBA added to NSO, TotK, Mario Wonder, and more...yeah 2023 easily beats 2022.

I thought 2022 was a good year but 2023 so far shaping up to not only be a good year for Nintendo but a great year for gaming in general.

In just this year for Switch wise we are getting or gotten..

-Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
-Super Mario RPG
-Super Mario Bros Wonder
-Pokemon Scarlet/Violet DLC
-Fire Emblem Engage
-Metroid Prime Remastered
-Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe
-Advanced Wars 1+2
-Pikmin 1+2
-Pikmin 4
-Detective Pikachu Returns

On top of that - the directs were great, Pokemon anime introduced a new series and ended the original series, Super Mario Bros movie came out and it was widely successful.

Its a great year to be a Nintendo fan.

2022 for me.
It may not have had anything on the same level as TOTK, but it just had more quality games overall in my opinion; Xenoblade 3, Bayonetta 3, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Splatoon 3, Nier Automata, 13 Sentinels, FIST Forged in Shadow Torch, Prodeus, It Takes Two, Lunistice, Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak...
2023's no slouch, just not quite as packed.

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I mean, until the Xenoblade 3 Future Redeemed and TOTK released this past May, I only had Octopath Traveler 2 to sink my teeth into. This year was actually more packed in some places than last year but admittedly both years had really high points to justify the fact that I can't vote for either. They feel quite equal ... yet, because we still have to plays the upcoming Mario games and a few 3rd parties too.

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2022. 2023 my Switch has been dry. Tbh 2019 is my fave of any year.

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Easily 2022 for me. Xenoblade 3 and Bayonetta 3 being huuuuuge highlights. No Man’s Sky as well as ports for Persona 5 and Nier. Mario Rabbids was excellent and let’s not forget about Kirby. Overall, I had more games I wanted more in 2022 than 23.

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Despite being disappointed with Bayonetta 3 I have to give it to 2022 because Xenoblade 3 is one of my favorite games ever. I enjoyed the Prime remake and ToTK, but neither one sucked me in nearly as much as XBC 3. If Mario Wonder blows me away my vote might change.

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2023 by like a million miles.