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Forums - Sony Discussion - Report: PS5 Pro could release as soon as 2024, generation to last through 2028

Kyuu said:
Norion said:

That timing makes sense and this gen lasting an extra year isn't what I'd like to happen but it'd be very understandable. Looking around there's a lot of negative reactions to this which is strange since all it is is an option for those who want to keep playing games at 4K, have better quality raytracing and keeping playing games at 60fps since more and more won't offer an option for that. By 2025 or 2026 big games won't exactly be running great on the PS5 and Series X so a PS5 Pro and Xbox Series whatever is needed to keep performance at a high quality on console.

Imagine what PC gamers feel like with a new middle finger releasing every year or so! 😁

Or how console gamers in the past felt seeing the PS1 get replaced in 5 years.

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The PS5 literally just became available without a preorder this year lol this is way too soon.

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ShadowSoldier said:

The PS5 literally just became available without a preorder this year lol this is way too soon.

Agree and I lost interest in owning one because of it, so new pro isn't going to make me want to suddenly buy it. Now I am waiting for games that may peak my interest to get the hardware.



In Development? Yes. Garaunteed to release? No, just like the Switch Pro.

Likeliness of releasing in 2024? Zero.

Honestly I see it more likley to be a 2026 release and I see it being a new and improved PS5 with hardware based upscaling/frame insertion, rather then a brute force Pro.

Sony will likely release a slim and/or pro by the time Switch 2 comes out.

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twintail said:

As long as a slim launches this year, then ok.

I just want the smaller cheaper option without sacrificing power.

500$ PS5 Pro and 400$ PS5 Slim would be something very interesting

The ps4 pro was the biggest waste of money I spent in gaming. It wasn't a noticeable jump, not for the cost.  People seem to want pro versions, just my opinion, but I don't think it is worth it.

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PS6 waiting until 2028? That's not unlikely. PS5 Pro already out Q4 2024 or before? Unlikely. I understand PS4 Pro launched 3 years after the OG PS4, but PS4 had far less shortages and the Pro was released because of the massive uptick in demand for 4K displays. 8K displays probably won't be relevant until the later 2020s or even the 2030s.
It also seems like overkill to support a higher spec PS5 already in 2024 when just now in 2023 AAA games are starting to die out on PS4 and Xbox One.

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I'm wondering if the specs will stay with zen2 rdna2 or move to zen4/5 rdna4.

Did the PS4 pro thing last gen, not upgrading this time sticking to my launch model as long as it runs lol.