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Forums - General Discussion - Pineapple On Pizza?


Should pineapple be allowed on pizza?

Yes 41 66.13%
No 21 33.87%

It's great.

Signed An Italian

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Hell yes it’s mushrooms and green peppers that shouldn’t be allowed on pizza

I don't remember if I ever had pineapple on pizza.

But I like pineapples, so, why not?

I don't really care for pineapple on pizza, but I don't get the hate around it. 

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Every time a piece of pineapple lands on a pizza, an angel kills itself.

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Yes. Especially if it's Hawaiiqn pizza

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I dont care either way. Pineapple doesnt make pizza any more tasty and it doesnt ruin it either.

Tomato is also a fruit.

Fruit is acceptable on pizza.

Give me a bbq chicken pizza with the pineapples and I'll be a happy man.

I don't necessarily dislike pineapple on pizza, but I'm not a fan of ham/Canadian bacon which most people usually put on a pineapple pizza.