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Forums - General Discussion - Pineapple On Pizza?


Should pineapple be allowed on pizza?

Yes 41 66.13%
No 21 33.87%

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Chicho said:
Ka-pi96 said:

Well of course. If you don't have tomato on it, I'm not sure you can even call it a pizza!

You can, there is white pizza. They've been making pizza in Italy since before they had tomatoes. 

I'd call that cheese on toast, not pizza.

Wman1996 said:

With Canadian Bacon, Ham, or Bacon? Yes. With almost anything else? No. Again, people can have it any capacity they want, but it seems pretty nasty to me if not paired with those few meats I  .

Well the Hawaiian pizza originated in Canada and I feel that most people when they think of pineapple on pizza think in terms of Hawaiian style pizza with its ham and pineapple topping with the rest of the ingredient's like champignons etc up to the individual, I like sweet and sour pork so an Hawaiian pizza is ok by me.

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Pizza is my favorite food. There's almost no such thing as bad pizza, IMO. Personally, I love every fruit and veggie topping I've ever tried on pizza, including pineapple, and I don't think it takes a Ninja Turtle to agree. (My personal favorite toppings are mushrooms and black olives, though not in combination.) Most meat toppings are pretty good too, though I do have some some limits there, like BBQ or anchovies. Also a huge fan of like all dessert pizzas!