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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo 2023 OpenCritic Prediction League - Year End Results!

Me because I have to wait till tomorrow to get Tears of The Kingdom:                       

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Damn nintendo are having a very solid year this year, already at 6 with 80+ review averages and 2 of those with 90+ along with the xenoblade dlc which is pretty much a new game at 90+ as well. Pikmin 4 will almost definitely be another game with 80+.

UnderwaterFunktown said:

In a league of its own right now

Technically, the third spot should go to XC3 Future Redeemed hahaha.

But what the heck, this is insane ! Nintendo still managed to pull an hall of fame moment even after all the doubts that was cast on this title in particular.

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I'm on my way now to pick up the game , and pro controller, and some amiboo zelda figurine . My zelda switch oled console arrives today aswel. Trying to contain my excitement as I am trying to finish ghost of tsushima dlc.

Someone from Gfinity gave the game a 60, okay dude lol

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96 gang rise up

Pikmin 4 85

I wasn't too far from Zelda but I'm glad it is one of those predictiona I got quite wrong 👍

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TotK is still holding strong at 96 and will probably stay there so I'll do the tally on that real soon, but for now I've added the new games announced in today's Direct (and Everybody 1-2 Switch a little late, not gonna let you off the hook on that one). For the record these new games and my own predictions are:

Everybody 1-2 Switch - 52
Detective Pikachu Returns - 71
Super Mario Bros. Wonder - 86
WarioWare: Move It - 78
Super Mario RPG - 87

A pretty big batch so let the predictions begin!

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2024 OpenCritic Prediction Leagues:

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Everybody 1-2 Switch - 60
Detective Pikachu Returns - 73
Super Mario Bros. Wonder - 88
Super Mario RPG - 85
WarioWare: Move It! - 80