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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo 2023 OpenCritic Prediction League - Year End Results!

Mar1217 said:

Thanks for the fun prediction thread, thankfully I did end up at the better place than I was last year !

Though, I don't know what will happen to a similar thread next year considering Nintendo release schedule is relatively lighter in some aspects than the previous years we've had ...

I plan to continue the league with the titles we know about for next year and then when the next system is inevitably revealed along with (presumably) some games I'll throw those in as well (assuming it comes in 2024 but that seems fairly certain to me). As long as they don't start shadowdropping things it should probably work out.

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Fair approach, I'm in the camp of thinking the next system isn't releasing before early 2025 so I didn't think about potential next gen games being added to the list.

+ Some Nintendo Directs coming in the future to speak of the year in general. Summer isn't much detailed and Fall early Winter is a true mystery

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