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While I've been interested in watching this I don't feel like paying for HBO (not a big fan of subscriptions as a whole) so I thought it would be a while before I watch it. Last Friday I'm watching good ol' regular cable TV and ta da! the damn thing is scheduled on TNT. I'm like "WTH that can't be it" so I tune in and yeah it was!
Ended up watching with the girlfriend and yeah we liked it, she knows nothing about the games other than watching me play them a couple of times and said it was good. We plan to tune in again this friday to see if they keep up.

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So, i couldnt wait for when i play the game and decided to watch the first episode as a figured it wouldnt ruin much of the game and i could still just wait after the first ep till the game comes to PC and WOW. I was blown away its so good now i dont know if i will be able to wait for the game .

Overall liked this better than the first episode. Like how they expanded on how the outbreak started. One very odd moment involving a zombie at the end.

Damn it was a good fucking episode, DAMN SON


pikashoe said:

Overall liked this better than the first episode. Like how they expanded on how the outbreak started. One very odd moment involving a zombie at the end.

I think the infected knew she was infected so it was speeding the process up in the least harmful way possible. 

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Season 2 is happening.

Sweet. Will they jump right into Part 2, try to fill in the story between the two games, or completely go off in their own direction?

Episode 3

I heard good things about this episode in reviews, but that exceeded my expectations. What a beautiful episode! I wasn't expecting to but I genuinely started tearing up on that last day. This was a good opportunity to further develop a character and relationship and they definitely capitalized on it. This one may get some nominations come award season.

Episode 3 wasn't just good by the metrics of TV adaptations of video game, it was one of the best hours of television I've ever seen, period. I'd been anticipating getting to this point and...ya know sometimes I get a little skeptical when critics make such big promises as here (I can remember some monumental letdowns before), but Long Long Time really does make the case for narrative deviation from the source material in a big way that firmly gives the TV version its own distinct identity for what I feel like is the first time.

Without spoiling too much, you remember that note disclosing Bill and Frank's previous partnership alongside the latter's fate? Whelp confirmed, this is 2023 now, not 2013 anymore, so Bill and Frank can have a real romance arc now, not just a passing acknowledgment after the fact. Indeed, said arc is the heart and soul of this episode, composing the bulk of it...and it's just beautiful! It does indeed end with a heart-wrenching conclusion still, but it's a different, and way more powerful, one than that in the game. The chemistry between these two is palpable from the outset and we get to watch Bill's contempt for humanity slowly melt away into a special mix of joy that we never see from him in the game combined with a new kind of fear previously unfamiliar to him. I won't spoil the new way that it all ends, but I will say that you don't have to be a gay man to weep bitterly over it.

This is must-view TV, simply put, and it's a real breakthrough for the show that, to me, gives it genuine merit separate and apart from the video game's existence. It's now ways in which the show diverges from the game's content that are standing out to me as the most special of all. I haven't stopped loving the game, but I'm now extremely glad that this show exists, and I don't just mean as a fan of the game. The TV series is now succeeding on its own merits, not just those of the game that inspired it. I can't wait to see more!

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Definitely the best episode so far, I'm starting to feel like the best parts of this show are the original elements and changes from the game. I'm gaining confidence that they can really fix the major issues with the 2nd games story in season 2. Especially with how flat and dull most of the secondary characters were in the 2nd game.