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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Quarterly Sales Update: (To 30th June 2022) Switch at 111.08m shipped

Spreadsheet updated.

Global hardware declined by almost 25% year over year, but global software by less than 10%. There are regional differences: Japan's hardware is down by ~35%, software by less than 1%; Americas' hardware down by almost 20%, software by more than 20%; Europe's hardware up by 2%, software the same; Other's hardware down by 45%, software up by almost 30%. Other is certainly a victim of the component shortages, because the other regions will be priorities for Nintendo. The regional differences in software shipments are owned to the software lineup where America got the short end of the stick this time around.

With component shortages expected to ease up and a strong fall lineup, Nintendo shouldn't have too much problems to match their forecasts for this fiscal year. Hardware is notably down for the first quarter in comparison to the previous two years, but still notably above the 2019 level which finished as a 21m year, so the same as this fiscal year's forecast.

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Kind of surprised Legends didn't manage over 1m. I know SV definitely had an impact but I was sure it would hit 1m. Should reach it next quarter though.

Nintendo FY22 Q1

Switch LTD : 111.08 million

Switch HW Q1 : 3.43 million (-23%)

Split : 44% OLED + 38% Classic + 17% Lite Total

Quarterly switch performance :

Japan : -38%

America : -20

Europe : +3

Rest of world : -47%

Software : 863.59 million

Software Q1 : 41.41 million units (-8.6%)

Japan : -1%
America : -23%
Europe : +1%
Rest of world : +35%

Net sales : $2.3 billion (-4.7%)

Operating profit : $763 million (-15%)

Operating profit : 750.6 million (down, 884 million euros in 2021)

Ordinary profit : $1.25 billion

Net profit : 878.9 million euros (+28%)

Total assets : $19.41 billion

Net assets : $15.28 billion

Revenues : 2.2 billion euros (-5%) "2.3 billion euros in 2021

Hardware sales forecast : 21 million units for the current fiscal year through March 31, 2023 (-9.8% vs. 2021) & (-37% vs. 2020).

Over the same time frame the Switch has a 14 million lead over the PS4 but lags the DS by ~18 million.

*PS2 Total LTD : 158~162 million units (+155 million as of March 31, 2012)

*Nintendo DS Total LTD : 154 million (as of March 31, 2022)

*PS4 Total LTD : 117 million (as of March 31, 2022)

Software Sales (53% digital)

Well, the Switch is going to outsell the Wii's total software sales. The DS will be probably passed as well, 80+ million sofware sales don't seem that much considering how good the Switch's games are selling.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Zyphe said:

Nice numbers all around! Although, would love to know what's the updated sales number for Metroid Dread for this quarter? Would love to know if it had reached 3 Mil in sales, and hoping for a certain RGT85 to play Balan!

We aren't going to get any updates for Metroid Dread for this quarter. The nrxt update will be in a bit more than a year from now through the CESA Games White Paper with numbers up until the end of 2022.

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Europe goes up 490K from the previous quarter but everything else declines by quite a bit. Next quarter i bet all regions are significantly up apart from Europe which will decline.

Classic Zelda is a force to be reckoned with. If you add the sales of the WiiU version of BotW this behemoth has actually sold more than SSBU. Amazing!!

My thoughts:

-Solid numbers for first party software.  Kirby is doing great.  Mario Strikers is doing better worldwide compared to it's Famitsu performance.  Switch Sports is very solid, and I expect to see some great legs going forward.  Mario Kart 8 is just insane.  That gold mushroom on it's sales numbers never seems to wear off.  I am guessing that the DLC will keep Mario Kart sales to keep going strong for another couple of years at least.

-Total software is down YoY, because of third party software.  I expect this to come up though based on the recent Partner Direct.  With Splatoon and Pokemon coming (and maybe BotW 2) I expect first party software sales to stay strong too.

-Nintendo mentioned component shortages are still a factor.  This mostly seems to have applied to the RoW category since it is down signficantly YoY.  Europe is actually up a bit YoY, weirdly enough.  There is probably only so much we can take from a single quarter's worth of HW sales, because of shortages.  Looking at the average of the past 4 quarters is probably more useful.

-Digital % continues to rise even after pandemic shut downs have largely ended.  I didn't expect it to rise nearly as much as it did this quarter.

Yay Ring fit adventure in Top 10 is good

Aside from Kirby doing bonkers ! (Finally !)

Most of the report here is going through our expectations of what this quarter was going to be like.

Also gotta mention how Switch Sports is doing more than decently well.

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