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My thoughts:

-Solid numbers for first party software.  Kirby is doing great.  Mario Strikers is doing better worldwide compared to it's Famitsu performance.  Switch Sports is very solid, and I expect to see some great legs going forward.  Mario Kart 8 is just insane.  That gold mushroom on it's sales numbers never seems to wear off.  I am guessing that the DLC will keep Mario Kart sales to keep going strong for another couple of years at least.

-Total software is down YoY, because of third party software.  I expect this to come up though based on the recent Partner Direct.  With Splatoon and Pokemon coming (and maybe BotW 2) I expect first party software sales to stay strong too.

-Nintendo mentioned component shortages are still a factor.  This mostly seems to have applied to the RoW category since it is down signficantly YoY.  Europe is actually up a bit YoY, weirdly enough.  There is probably only so much we can take from a single quarter's worth of HW sales, because of shortages.  Looking at the average of the past 4 quarters is probably more useful.

-Digital % continues to rise even after pandemic shut downs have largely ended.  I didn't expect it to rise nearly as much as it did this quarter.