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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite Mega Man game of the original series?


What's your favorite Mega Man game of the original series?

Mega Man 1 21 6.40%
Mega Man 2 113 34.45%
Mega Man 3 47 14.33%
Mega Man 4 20 6.10%
Mega Man 5 16 4.88%
Mega Man 7 24 7.32%
Mega Man 9 8 2.44%
Mega Man 10 13 3.96%
Mega Man 11 36 10.98%
Other 30 9.15%

Just in case it isn't clear, the original series is the one that started it all on the NES and spans Mega Man 1 to 11. Since the poll options are limited to 10, a couple of titles had to be left out from being directly mentioned; these are MM 6 and 8, the two games which are the most common ones to be regarded as the biggest disappointments in the series.


Bonus question: How many of these eleven games have you played and how many of them have you beaten?

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My favorite is Mega Man 5, followed by 4. I have all the NES titles in my 2DS.

I'll take Mega Man 2 for the win! I've only played the first three, and I know I've beaten #2. I think I've beaten #3, but I'm not sure, because the last time I played it was the year it originally released.

Mega Man 1 is a special game. I remember renting this game with godawful box art. But the concept of the game is phenomenal, and I was really into it from the moment I started playing. You beat super robots and then gain their powers? That's awesome! The bosses are also the most iconic: fireman, iceman, elecman, etc.... Those are the kind of super powers you'd want to get. However, the game is not nearly as polished as Mega Man 2. The power of leaves in #2 just doesn't feel as cool as electricity powers from #1, but #2 is a well polished game and feels fun from beginning to end. So, kudos to #1 for coming up with the concept for an amazing game/series, but #2 is where they perfected the original concept.

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I don't comment in these threads often, but today I am in the mood to do it.

I've played and beaten 1 to 6, 9 and 10. Only ever played a little bit of 7 on an emulator because I couldn't warm up to that game. I have yet to buy 11, the main reason being the lack of a physical version in Europe; the other reason is that I have enough games to play as it is, so I didn't even take the plunge the last time there was a good discount on the digital version.

Mega Man 2 and 3 are top tier. 4, 9 and 10 rank a tier below; still good, but the formula had already grown stale by then. 5 and 6 are merely decent as they can't compensate for their staleness with good music like 4, 9 and 10 can. 1's game and level design is very hit and miss, so its value is mostly restricted to coming up with the overarching idea and framework for the series.

I'd expect 11 to fall either in the good or decent tier while 7 and 8 would most likely go in the same tier as 1, which is to say, I don't expect them to be fun to play, let alone replay.

EDIT: I voted for Mega Man 4 in the poll for the sake of being a contrarian to the obvious battle between 2 and 3.

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Mega Man 2. I'll fight anyone who says different.


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I own all six NES carts (I don't count the others) and rank 2 as the best. Although really, I can play 2-6 and have a blast. The first game is great too, but I rank it at the bottom due to its limited scope. Once you play the other games, it's tough as nails, and you find yourself wishing for the later addictions to gameplay.

Mega Man is one of my favorite franchises. I have played and beaten every game in this series, I have bought the Legacy Collections 1+2 and 11 as well. I was really annoyed that we didn't get a physical release in Europe. My favorite of them all is 4 which is most likely because that was the only one I had physical when I grew up. Me and my brothers used to play it very, very often. 2 is also really good but 4 will always be my number one.

I especially love the music, the music is so good! Most oft the soundtracks kick ass and I listen to some tracks even nowadays on my mp3 player when I'm outside.

11. I love the art and the gameplay is refined enough. It's everything Mighty No 9 was supposed to be.

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Mega Man 2 and it isn't even close. I've beaten the first 7. Mega Man 2 is the right balance of difficulty and has the best design.

Mega Man 2 on NES was the first game that I bought with my own money! That aside its also the best game in the series.

I have played and beaten every one of these games.

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