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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite Mega Man game of the original series?


What's your favorite Mega Man game of the original series?

Mega Man 1 21 6.40%
Mega Man 2 113 34.45%
Mega Man 3 47 14.33%
Mega Man 4 20 6.10%
Mega Man 5 16 4.88%
Mega Man 7 24 7.32%
Mega Man 9 8 2.44%
Mega Man 10 13 3.96%
Mega Man 11 36 10.98%
Other 30 9.15%
Burning Typhoon said:

What am I doing in this thread?  Flame much? I literally contributed to the topic at hand.  You never answered anything about what the issue with Mega Man 8 was.  The topic is, "Which Mega Man game is your favorite."  My favorite is Mega Man 8.  I gave concise reasons as to why I liked that game.  I saw some people rating the entire series, so I thought I'd ask what was so wrong with it.  

To be honest, I can hate all the games in the series, as long as there's one that I hate least; that's my favorite.

You seem pleasant. I bet you're a hit at parties. 

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