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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Gamers can be toxic to devs and vice versa

I think this is very important to understand. So many people in the gaming community are toxic and entitled. Some gamers are part of the problem gaming sucks rn.

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Pretty much. One of the worst aspects of video games in general is a specific section of the audience being unbearable self-entitled idiots who think that they are owed something by the developers simply because they happen to be fans of the games. That exact same thing that's going on with Bungie happened with Ron Gilbert and Return of Monkey Island because a group of "fans" thought the rational thing to do was to send personal attacks to developers when they didn't like some aspect of the game.

Gamers, for whatever reason, feel very entitled. I don't understand why gamers can't take the stance of "don't like something, don't buy it." Pretty simple.

Suggestion for title update: whiny cry babies are toxic.

Well if you use Twitter you bring this upon yourself if you ask me. I mean it's a cess pool of a lot of people who think themselves anonymous and act like it. People are by nature very toxic, yet filter that too conform to norms. The internet deletes that filter and let people act like the true version of themselves.

Now I don't say that every user on Twitter is an immoral asshat, but yeah you will definitely meet them there, no matter what you promote.

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Opening direct lines of communication between the entertainment industry and consumers seems to have been a mistake. Toxicity in people in general is prevalent, it's just that some groups are more versed in the use of social media than others.

I wonder where the "gamers are toxic we need to protect ourselves" problem ends and the "we need an excuse to blame our problems on, let's point to toxic fans" begins.
I blame social media. It polarizes absolutely everything.

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There's those toxic gamers, then there's the executive asshats that try to prey on the gaming community, thus amplifying the toxicity of the gaming community. All brought together in a perfect storm that we know as social media. 

Yeah, sure, the gaming community can be VERY toxic at times, but in my experience, most - if not all - communities/fandoms/groups have that kind of people.
Sports fans, politics enthusiasts, Anime fans, they can be just as bad if not worse.

People can be toxic. That can be applied to any interaction between humans.

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