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1000 planets to explore!

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1000 planets... Flyable/buildable spaceships, a lot of amazing RPG systems (crafting, skills, gears, etc...),
Starfield is going to be worth the wait :) The first half of 2023 is not coming soon enough...

All those cities look awesome.

Different factions, space pirates, mining ...

Robust character creation ... traits! Outposts and shipbuilding!

Looks like exactly what I want.

VersusEvil said:

Step foot on all 1000+ planets - 10g

lol... Now you got my hype down just a bit

dear lord, Starfield is a monster of a game.
There is no way to downplay it.

Imagine not having GamePass on your console...

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DirtyP2002 said:

dear lord, Starfield is a monster of a game.
There is no way to downplay it.

Give it time :) Some will find a way! ahah

But yah, this is way bigger than what I was already anticipated...

Considering it's only what will release in the next 12 months (except the Kojima game of course) it was passable.
At least now it makes sense why no Fable, Perfect Dark etc. was there.

i will give it a 7, cause Starfield caused a good impression on me, also Kojima game and P3/4/5 on Xbox. Better than latest Playstation showing for sure, but nothing very especial.

GoTY 2022:

I thought it was pretty good considering almost every game is coming to gamepass day 1 except overwatch 2. That's alot of games to try and play and majority of those had actual gameplay which was a bonus. I give it 8

This was a great show. Good pacing, nothing too long drawn out. And all in 12 months timeframe, which is great. Also a great variety, in color and artstyle as well as in different gameplays. Shows a great value to gamepass.

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