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Forums - Sony Discussion - Play Horizon on PS4 Pro, or wait for PS5??


What should I do?

Play it soon on PS4 Pro 20 43.48%
Wait until I get a PS5 26 56.52%

Would play it right now, seems like good enough on PS4 base and better on Pro. And next year you can do a NG+ on PS5

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I would wait if your plan is to play at the best possible quality. Though if you want the game so bad, go for it.

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twintail said:

@VAMatt This check it out and see if those differences are worth waiting for, or are enough for you to replay it when you get your PS5.

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I'll wait until I get my hands on a PS5. I have so many games still to play anyway that I'm not exactly in a rush to buy any new ones at the moment.

It will be more than functional on the PS4/PS4 Pro but I would wait if I were you. The game will likely be down to $40 on PSN by time you get a PS5. There are likely tons of other games you can play right now on your PS4 Pro and Xbox Series X.

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Whatever you decide, but it on PS4 so you get the free upgrade

Get the GOTY/compete edition on PS5.

I'm in the exact same boat. I'd love a PS5 but I just can't seem to get my hands on one. Even with the invite PlayStation themselves I still came up empty handed. Should have gotten one when I had the opportunity back in 2020...

But yeah, I'm buying on PS4 Pro.

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The poll results are more evenly matched than I expected. I figured a significant majority would say to wait for PS5.

That comment about selling the PS4 Pro has me thinkin'......

It depends on what you have to play at the moment.

If you've got plenty of games to get you through the year, I'd do that and experience Horizon 2 at it's best with all the post launch updates and improvements (and maybe DLC)