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Forums - Movies & TV - Tracking Spider-Man: No Way Home's domestic box office (#2 all-time opening weekend!)


What will No Way Home gross lifetime domestically?

Less than $500M 1 3.13%
$500-549M 2 6.25%
$550-599M 2 6.25%
$600-649M 4 12.50%
$650-699M 5 15.63%
$700-749M 3 9.38%
$750-799M 3 9.38%
$800M or greater 12 37.50%

This movie is huge, biggest since the pandemic began even though we have some people panicking over omicron variant and avoiding theaters still. To beat the launches of so many pre-pandemic movies is amazing. I wonder if this could have beat Avengers Endgame as well were it not for Omicron?

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Sorry for not getting any charts into the OP last night. I got sidetracked and forgot. There is one now, though. It's just a comparison between No Way Home and Infinity War, since they had the most comparable openings.


In accordance to the VGC forum rules, §8.5, I hereby exercise my right to demand to be left alone regarding the subject of the effects of the pandemic on video game sales (i.e., "COVID bump").

Saw the movie yesterday it was great. Third favorite marvel movie after Eternals and Endgame. Glad to see it's doing good numbers.

It will easily make over $600 million domestically even with the COVID surge and some theaters shutting down. Once today's number come in it will be the third highest grossing movie of the year worldwide. It will be the highest grossing movie worldwide by either Friday or Saturday and pass 1 billion by either Sunday or Monday and will be the first 1-billion-dollar movie worldwide since 2019.

Went to watch it today with my brother. I kind of enjoyed it despite not being into Marvel stuff. People cheered a LOT when the two spoiler characters came onto the screen.






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I'll put in the 650 to 699 million range. I know it's already around 467 million, but I see it as very frontloaded. People just aren't going to movies as much anymore because of the global pandemic.
Even if it goes notably above my prediction, I don't see it matching The Force Awakens or Endgame. It might skirt past Black Panther and get around Avatar level. I don't think it's going to hit 2 billion globally.

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Well, my predictions were pretty much spot on. I think, there will be at least two movies making over one billion in 2022. There is actually a chance that a Chinese film will make over one billion dollars in 2022.

Congrats to Spider-Man: No Way Home for going over $1 billion in the box office!

I looked up the domestic totals of Black Panther and Infinity War. Turns out they aren't that different.

Infinity War $679M
Black Panther $700M

I went ahead and guessed 650-699M, because I think No Way Home will end up around these totals too.

Shadow1980 said:

. Of the three MCU films released this year, Shang-Chi was the only one to even crossed the $200M mark, and until this past weekend was the only one of two films overall the pass that milestone, the other being Venom 2 

Venom is not part of the MCU/Venom 2 is not an MCU film

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