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Forums - Sales Discussion - Can The Switch become the best selling video game console in Japan?


Can switch become the best selling video game console in Japan?

Yes, switch #1 41 58.57%
No, 2nd behind the DS 16 22.86%
No, 3rd behind the Gameboy 9 12.86%
No, 4th behind the 3DS 1 1.43%
No 5th behind the PS2 3 4.29%
SegaHeart said:
Kakadu18 said:

It has a chance of reaching 5mil for this year. Still on course to top the DS.

Switch Splatoon 3 console will help alot this year it would be great overall.

The Scarlet/Violet Switch will also help.

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It's almost impossible that Switch won't pass DS in Japan now. Switch should be at least 27.7m by end of the year. That leaves only 5.3m to go to hit DS numbers of 33.00m.

Switch will very likely sell around 4 million next year. If next year it drops a million from this year, selling ~3.8m, it'll only have 1.5m to do from the start of 2024 onward.
If we say Switch will be replaced Holiday 2024, as it is unlikely to be replaced sooner than that, Switch would probably hit the DS's 33m right as the successor comes out. Leaving its entire post-life period in record territory.

Switch will sell at least 34m in Japan, and there is a decent chance it will top 35m.

The funny thing is, in one graph you think "nah it's not going to make it" (eg. the VGC Gap Chart), while in another you think "how could it not". It'll be close in any case.