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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu sales: Week 41, 2021 - (4th Oct - 10th Oct)

Nintendo probably diverted more stock to the West then Japan for the OLED/MD launch.

180k is still commendable, hopeful the baseline stays relatively high in subsequent weeks.

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Wow, cliff delayed.

So with this week Switch 2021 makes up half the deficit with 2020 in Japan YTD. The thing to see now is how quickly Nintendo can restock the OLED, and how many they can provide when they do. To me that's what will determine which year will sell better in Japan.


The numbers for OLED japan are a bit lower than I had expected (I predicted 350k total, we'll see tomorrow).

One thing that can help explain the numbers is that there is a shortage. Hopefully this benefits Nintendo over the next months as demand hopefully stays strong and supply increases.

That's quite different from what we heard of UK, where the OLED model sold much better than the Lite at launch.

The sales of the regular Switch and the Lite are almost the same as last week.

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Chrkeller said:

Wow, cliff delayed.

Having multiple SKUs does that.

Can't find an OLED here in the states. Shortage seems really.

Solid Dread launch.
Decent OLED launch. Expected Switch to be more like 200k - 250k but it ain't bad. Hopefully next week will be equally as big with a full week on the market.

Very interested in global first week numbers for both Switch OLED launch and Dread launch. I would guess Dread will be 600k+ and Switch 700k+ for the week.

Happy to see Metroid did this well, the way it's probably above 100k when including digital sales

Those Switch numbers are great but I thought it'd do at least 200k :p

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86.798 physical is a very promising start for Metroid.
I hope the series manages to grow a lot on Switch.