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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - New Pokémon Legends Arceus trailer

I havent played a Pokemon simce sun and moon and before that diamond and pearl. It was all just no innovation for me. This trailer does not make things any better. But I hear there are some battle mechanic upgrades like an atb bar. This still seems like the same to me.

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Speaking as someone who isn’t a Pokémon fan, this is the game that stood out the most in the last Direct presentation. It looks interesting, and I’d like to play it.

On the downside, it’s not coming out until 2022.

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Looked incredibly empty and lifeless to me, and the lighting is beyond bad. SMTV looks leagues better.

Graphically it looks really rough. The rest I don't know what to make of it yet.

A bold new take that they could either execute well or it could be a Trainwreck. No idea if it will be great or bad.

sundin13 said:

Graphics still are a bit messy, but the gameplay looks real good. I'm very interested.

I think that may be down to the limitations of the Switch. It’s quite reminiscent of New Pokemon Snap.

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Honestly the first Pokemon game that has grabbed my attention in a decade. Not as pretty as Snap but the gameplay formula looks great. Honestly, I think it'd do the game favours to delay it into the summer to polish visuals but I'll probably skip this entry and wait for more amvitious sequel (hopefully on new hardware). Extremely positive reviews may sway me but I think there are more promising games arriving 2022 that will make skipping this easy.

Visually, it still looks awful.
I did not enjoy Sw/Sh at all, so im staying on the fence with this one.

This has the potential to be great for the franchise. Could this be Pokemon's Breath of the Wild moment??

I've only played the original Pokemon (Red) and Sword, and while I don't understand the hate some people have toward Sword, I will say I thought it was only decent and it made it clear Pokemon hasn't progressed from the original, so even just having played the first and the last pokemon games it seems clear Pokemon is in need of a revitalization of gameplay. Sword struck me in the same way Twilight Princess did back when it came out on the Wii - a good game but strong with the realization that the gameplay hasn't progressed and is feeling a bit tired at this point and therefore not was good as I expected.

In Sword the Wild Areas concept is what struck me as where this franchise needs to go but as the entire game, and Legends looks like it is doing exactly that. If they get the gameplay right then this game could represent the future of Pokemon and hopefully be the template for later games and not just this Legends off-shoot series.

I wasn't planning on getting a second Pokemon game on Switch, but if this turns out great I may pick this up.

- As a side note, what's up with all the Pokemon graphics hate these days?? Pokemon is a cartoon style, the Switch games look perfectly fine. I haven't once had a single thought about graphics while playing Sword or watching this Legends trailer. If ya'll are focused on Pokemon for the graphics you're doing things wrong! :p Unless you're hoping for a hyper realistic art direction in pokemon, which obviously won't happen, I don't see why anyone is talking about graphics here.

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SecondWar said:
sundin13 said:

Graphics still are a bit messy, but the gameplay looks real good. I'm very interested.

I think that may be down to the limitations of the Switch. It’s quite reminiscent of New Pokemon Snap.

There are way better looking games on the Switch like Luigi's Mansion 3 and Super Mario Odyssey. It's not the Switch, it's Gamefreak, the engine in big part I can imagine. With better lighting the game would look leagues better.

That said it still looks fine to me. The Switch can handle way more than that though.

I am shocked at how bad the graphics are. If we can get Breath of the Wild on the Switch, why can't this new Pokemon game come even close it? Diamond / Pearl remakes are pretty par for the course with how they look. But Arceus for a new RPG series in the franchise is a big disappointment. Game Freak with all their resources should be able to make a game that looks better than this. 

I was planning on buying Arceus, but after that trailer...I will skip it or wait until it is half price. 

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