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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch OLED model just got announced.

Trailer just dropped randomly. Thoughts?

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What are the specs!!!!

I am a Nintendo fanatic.

Nothing new about specs apparently.
It's a big NO for me.


-64GB internal storage
-7" OLED screen
-Adjustable stand
-Ethernet Cable
-Improved Audio

No mention of 4k or performance

For me there's no meaningful update for docked play which is how I play 95% of the time. I'm actually happy as it means there will be no FOMO. I can easily skip this andb not miss out on anything. My biggest fear would be getting a lessor gaming experience on BOTW2 or Pokemon Legends

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Stellar_Fungk said:

What are the specs!!!!

OLED screen, better stand, better speakers, wired lan port (for the dock). No idea about the internal specs, but that was all that was advertised so it's probably all that's worth knowing.

Disaster of a trailer.
Slightly bigger screen.
Bigger stand (That I'm shocked anyone actually ever uses).
Better Audio
And Ethernet port.

That's it. No comparisons. No resolution. No performance.

Was I suppose to be impressed by the random games they showed? Did they look different? Without a before and after I can't actually tell if the games look any better.

You are bound to love Earthbound.

Just like Nintendo to make a major hardware announcement after E3

Please Watch/Share this video so it gets shown in Hollywood.

I imagine the specs are maybe slightly improved but not a marketing point. I could see games with dynamic resolution or an unstable frame rate holding better performance or more reliably hitting their upper bounds. The dock looks fat so I'm curious what its hiding

I was not expecting this today :O

I wonder what the specs are

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(