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Forums - Sony Discussion - What Could Sony Release for the Rest of the Year?

I don't think it's realistic to expect a 1st or 3rd party exclusive title to be announced end June/ early July for release this year.

I could see a PS5 Bloodborne doing that, though. I suppose I could see Factions 2 doing the same thing.

Nonetheless, I doubt this year changes much from what we know. Horizon might not make... and I feel Ghostwire is in a similar boat.

Also, don't forget that the next-gen version of GTA5 launches in November, and GTA Online will be free on PS+ for the first three months. That's a pretty big get.

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Zone of the Enders 3
Omega Boost remake of course.

lol for real tho. They might remaster a couple PS4 big hitters or patch anyway. I honestly feel like both consoles were released a year early.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

My most look forward to PS5 games still coming this year are Tales of Arise, Kena, and Horizon Zero Dawn if it makes it. I may have interest in Death Loop depending on its reviews. I don't expect any big new games being announced releasing this year. Maybe we get the proper ps5/XSX update to CyberPunk this year. Hopefully 2022 can be just as solid as 2021 is/was. I would like to see them start showing off some big games for next year. If we do get God of War and Final Fantasy 16 next year that will go a long way.

Horizon Forbidden West is the only 1st party game right now targeting 2021, but they might announce something else. Then some 3rd party timed exclusives like Deathloop, Ghost Wire, and Kena. Overall, solid output for the entire year.

hforbiwest might be 50-50 booking for 2021

but it has higher chance quarter 1 2022 to really polish the hell out of the game!
they should focus on ps5 release before ps4 maybe delay the ps4 port coz that might be a disaster like cyberpunk? or guerilla games have really been focused we will see!

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Probably not much, Sony is mostly banking on Kena and Horizon Forbidden West, so far it seems to be working.

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

1st Party wise

-Horizon 2
-Naughty Dog Multiplayer game
-Something Astrobot related (or a Team Japan assisted title)
-GT7 prologue

3rd Party
-Little Devil Inside
-Solar Ash
-Probably one more timed exclusive yet to be announcd (AA/Indie)

Overall though Sony have been skipping big holiday releases for a while and I think it works out okay since 3rd parties tend to deliver quite heavily in Q4

I think they won't unload sept/ Oct and Nov due to a new COD and BF.

They have:

Now: Ratchet
Aug: Kena
Sept: Deathloop
Nov: probably HFW

Oct: TLOU fractions
Dec: TLOU remake

Pushed to next year
Ghostwire Tokyo

I think there's a strong chance HFW makes it this holiday.

In terms of unannounced games, I wouldn't be surprised to see the TLOU: Remake this year as well as Factions (won't be full priced but it will be a PS+ monthly game at launch), or even WiLD.

Fei-Hung said:

Oct: TLOU fractions
Dec: TLOU remake

PotentHerbs said:

In terms of unannounced games, I wouldn't be surprised to see the TLOU: Remake this year as well as Factions (won't be full priced but it will be a PS+ monthly game at launch), or even WiLD.

I feel like with the HBO show, Sony might go for a release closer to it (even if both won't match story wise). They may not have asked for a remake, but since they have it they will probably look to maximize it.

Factions will be interesting. It might get buried with Fortnite, new CoD, new BF and GTA5 online (free on PS+), though. Yet, somehow I think the game is more than just an MP title, and possible has it's own story mode attached to it (like a co-op experience or something attached to MP progression).