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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I now own all current consoles. How goes your PS5/XBS search?


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Still searching (PS5 only) 3 10.34%
Still searching (XBS only) 2 6.90%
Still searching (both) 3 10.34%
Already have a PS5 8 27.59%
Already have a Series X|S 6 20.69%
Already have both 7 24.14%

Since I mostly game on PC, I have been fairly satisfied. Might pick one up eventually.

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I have my gaming PC (i5 10600k, RTX 3070, want to upgrade to a 3080 ti or 3090 but haven't been lucky in Newegg Shuffles/drops from other stores) and just was able to buy a Series X yesterday from Walmart. It should be here July 7th. This is my only Microsoft Console since the 360. Mostly going to use it for Game Pass games on a second tv and to play Lost Odyssey. I was actively looking for a PS5, but not a Series X (since there aren't really console exclusives for it as far as I can tell) but decided to get it when a coworker persuaded me to try to buy one on Walmart's site.

Mostly just play on my PC, PS4, Vita or Switch these days. 

Each generation I usually go Nintendo - Sony - PC upgrade.
I own a 2070 Super GPU and an Oculus Quest 2 along with my Nintendo Switch. One would say that as Game Pass is on my computer, the natural way to go would be to purchase a PS5, but I'm going Series X first. Game Pass is a blast, great exclusives coming along and Microsoft has localized prices in my country. No contest there.
I'll wait for a slim version of sony's new hardware, to play exclusives when the day comes.

Got a PS5 & Switch, will probably get an Xbox Series X late generation along with Gamepass to experience Bethesda exclusives+Fable+Halo. This is a win on MS's side because although I technically had an Xbox One (my brothers), I only played it enough to know that Halo 5 was not for me. Literally never touched the system again.

Got a decent rig for work but i'm not massively into PC gaming for that recent. I prefer the social, more casual set up of console in front of the TV

I got a ps5 last month which is the one that I really wanted. Dont see the need for a xbox right now since I am not a halo or forza fan. I can easily live without those. My opinion on xbox might change once I see more of hell blade 2, fable and perfect dark but unfortunately they are years away.

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Got my PS5 back in November, got my Series X in March.

Got my Series X right after launch. Will get a PS5 when it gets more games and a redesign. It’s an ugly monstrosity right now imho.

Im from Mexico, and since in there is very expensive (PS5, I payed US$700 including taxes, but normally is around US$900), you can find it on Amazon on a daily basis. Actually i was overthinking like 2 days before deciding to buy the PS5 before taking the decision. I got also a Xbox series S, which i got at US$315 including taxes, and also, you can find it on Amazon (mexico site version) any day.
So instead of a hunting is more about if you have the money to expend.


"We all make choices, but in the end, our choices make us" - Andrew Ryan, Bioshock.

Still nearly impossible to find just casually searching it. Only Switches about.






Well, I don't really care about the new consoles but I do wanna try to find an RTX 30 series. Kind of the same concept. I'm using the RTX 2060 SUPER as of now. However, I will buy a Switch Pro if it ever releases.