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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I now own all current consoles. How goes your PS5/XBS search?


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Still searching (PS5 only) 3 10.34%
Still searching (XBS only) 2 6.90%
Still searching (both) 3 10.34%
Already have a PS5 8 27.59%
Already have a Series X|S 6 20.69%
Already have both 7 24.14%

Got Series S

Upgrading to Series X in time for Halo infinite, pretty confident they'll be stock by then.

Main priority at the moment is to get a gpu at MSRP. A 3060Ti at $400/£369 would be a fine thing. I mostly play RTS games on PC so that much performance is not strictly necessary, but I have felt the loss of my GTX 1070 heavily.

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Got Series X & S since the launch, since the Xbox consoles were comfortable to preorder cause of unpopular in my country, the PS5 was like -1 second instant out of stock, waited for until late May and then got it PS5 digital edition.

What about GPU upgrade? Sadly, i have to buy all PC components(case and psu are exception) from the scratch in 2022.

I've got an Xbox Series S. Next up is upgrading my outdated PC. I started with a new 1440p monitor. After that is a new CPU, mobo, ram, and SSD. I am figuring I won't be able to find a GPU for MSRP anytime soon, so will do that sometime in the future.

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Still looking for a PS5 with a controller that doesn't look ugly, preferably with a better-looking console as well. No luck yet, but maybe I'll find one some day.

Haven’t even tried looking. I haven’t been given a reason to get a next gen console. With Microsoft letting you stream games on the Xbox one, I may not ever get a series x now depending on how well it works. Also, I have huge issues with the storage capacity of the next gen consoles, they need to up their storage before I even consider it. I’m not going to spend just as much money upgrading the storage to a reasonable amount as I spent on the console. Besides, I barely play games anymore, this last gen might have been the last time I got all the consoles…

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Got Series X day one by pre-ordering the moment pre-orders went live. PS5 - not looking for at the moment. In a couple of years, maybe, I guess...


I just refreshed the store page, still sold out / coming soon. I won't be getting one until all the stock alert / twitter users have theirs :p

Got my PS5 back in December if I remember correctly. My search for a decent GPU for my PC hasn't gone to well, but I honestly haven't been trying for a few months now. There's nothing releasing soon that has me feeling the need for a new card so I'm cool waiting a bit right now.

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