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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I now own all current consoles. How goes your PS5/XBS search?


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Still searching (PS5 only) 3 10.34%
Still searching (XBS only) 2 6.90%
Still searching (both) 3 10.34%
Already have a PS5 8 27.59%
Already have a Series X|S 6 20.69%
Already have both 7 24.14%

Buy a $500 Xbox Series X or 9 shares of Amc stock...I think I'll buy more shares. I'll pick up an XSX in 2022 or 2023. I did buy a ps5, but I spent that money before they were giving away free money like its water on meme stocks.

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Got a Series X on launch day. Was going to get a PS5 for God of War, but now that it is coming to PS4 I don't feel the need to get one till 2023 at the earliest. By then it probably won't be near as bad trying to get one.

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Was able to grab a PS5 for my buddy at my local Bestbuy.

As for me....not currently looking to jump into current gen aside from the Switch(es) I own. With the backlog of PS4 and Switch games I have I'm sure the PS5 slim will be out with plenty of stock and price drop before I get to it.

Got a Series X in January and a PS5 in May.

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Yes but.. do you own the X Mini fridge???

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Shadow1980 said:

It's no secret that the PS5 and Series X|S are hard to come by. But thanks to yesterday's in-store restock at GameStop, I was finally able to snag a Series X. It now sits in my entertainment center along with my PS5 and Switch (both bought day-one). My NES Classic, SNES Classic, and Super NT also are chilling alongside them. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I had to nab a Series X the old-fashioned way by getting up early and showing up in person at a brick-and-mortar store.

Sorry for the lousy picture quality. My phone's camera is only 2MP. That's what I get for being cheap when buying a phone.

So, how goes everyone else's search for newer systems?

Thanks for asking about my search for your I mean my new consoles. to show my appreciate I have a present for you so just pm your address to me and I will send it straight away and don't worry about my chances of finding the new systems I have a feeling that my gift to you will result in lots of good karma coming my way. 

PS. could you also add the times you are at work and home so I can arrange the delivery to suit you being home.

Azzanation said:

Yes but.. do you own the X Mini fridge???

I want this one

mjk45 said:
Azzanation said:

Yes but.. do you own the X Mini fridge???

I want this one

Probably easier to get than the actual Series X.

Got a Series X in March and PS5 in May both were pretty easy to get with stock alerts on discord.

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No, you don't. As stated above, you're still missing the fridge.

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