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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is your opinion on gaming subscription services?


My opinion is best summed up as:

Subscribed to at least one and like it 36 36.36%
Subscribed to at least one and not a fan 6 6.06%
Thinking about subscribing 6 6.06%
Was a subscriber and lapsed 4 4.04%
Will subscribe for big games and then drop 4 4.04%
Zero interest at all 28 28.28%
None of the current subs ... 8 8.08%
Other 7 7.07%

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Alright, I'm out.

TIL: When Xbox is talking about their own ecosystem they're obviously including multiple ecosystems which they don't own or even support.

Literally the only time I've heard this argument...I'm fairly certain that none of the Xbox fans here thought that they were talking about anything more than Xbox Store + Windows Store cause it's just...common sense, Microsoft doesn't have the data outside of that, and the context is in subscribers vs non subscribers from an Xbox employee.

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Cerebralbore101 said:
Conina said:

OS and eco system can be the same or overlap or one part includes the other.

I wanted to keep it simple for you, but here we go:

  • eco systems can contain other eco systems (f. e. Europe, Western Europe, Germany, France, Bavaria, United Kingdoms, England, Scotland...)
  • eco systems can overlap

For video games there are a lot of eco systems, some of them overlapping: