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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best numbered Crash Bandicoot game?


I think the best is...

Crash 1 2 6.45%
Crash 2 12 38.71%
Crash 3 10 32.26%
Crash 4 7 22.58%

I love all of the original trilogy. My pick would be 3, Warped, since it feels like the biggest game and it has a ton of variety with the cool vehicle levels and upgraded skills you get.

Though if you just want a challenge, the first game is still the hardest, it's quite satisfying to beat.

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I have yet to play the fourth game (I own it, but it's waiting for me to finish Assassin's Creed: Valhalla first), so ignoring that, the third game. The second one always felt a bit bland to me, and the first one had its problems (mainly the save system, which was absolutely awful). The third game is too easy and has some bad parts as well, but overall, it's the best. If I had to judge the games based on N. Sane Trilogy, it would be a much tougher battle between the first and the third game, but right now I feel like the third game would still win.

Warped is probably still my favourite.

4 is pretty damn good, but has a few problems which keeps it just below the original trilogy.


2, have yet to play 4 though, waiting on a sale on the Switch version.

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I love all of them, but if I had to choose I'd go with 4, if only by a hair's breadth.

It retains all the qualities that made the original trilogy so special, and the quality of life improvements like infinite lives reduced their only downside, that the difficulty was occasionally a bit much.

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I’d say Crash Bandicoot 3, though I haven’t played 4.

I also liked Wrath of Cortex, the ‘actual’ Crash 4, or at least, that was what it was supposed to be back then. Kind of sad that it sort of got.. canceled.

But anyway, yeah Crash 3, but 2 isn’t far behind. Don’t really remember the first, but I did play it.

2 for nostalgia reasons.

Havent played Crash 4 yet, only the first 3 numbered ones.
My pick is Crash 2

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Second place for me would go to 3, for having more variety and less punishing difficulty than the first two.

Given how much nostalgic attachment I have to the original trilogy I wasn't expecting 4 to exceed them in my estimation, so colour me pleasantly surprised.

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3, partly because is actually fun to 100%, the extra abilities give enough extra mobility to Crash without breaking the game, the boss fights are a big improvement over 1 and 2's in terms of engagement and keeping momentum at all times, the camera was placed well enough even if going back is still a pain in the ass, and the variety of levels was nice.

Started 4 recently and is somewhat disappointing, is pretty frustrating to attempt to complete levels, hate the on rail sections, feels like there is some input lag every time you try to do something in those and the visual clutter and angles in those makes it hard to make out boxes and the like. The platforming itself is fun, but the levels feels longer than they should be, Crash isn't particularly inventive so making levels feel super long isn't a great idea, it could probably justify itself if they used the masks more. Still a fun and challenging game, but a step down from 3.

The worst one is definitely the N.Sane Trilogy version of the first game, their attempts to make the physics match 2 and 3 makes a lot of the jumps harder than in the original.