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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Which post-NES console introduced the best new Nintendo franchises?


I choose...

SNES 18 29.51%
N64 22 36.07%
Gamecube 6 9.84%
Wii 11 18.03%
Wii U 1 1.64%
Switch 3 4.92%

Tough question! I picked N64. If we don't limit ourselves to Nintendo games then Extreme-G and Turok come to mind (althoug Turok came on PC as well), also Banjo-Kazooie and Perfect Dark.

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Between SNES with Mario Kart and Star Fox, and N64 with Smash. No chance for any of the others really. Since I like Mario Kart better than Smash, and the old Star foxes as well, I’ll pock SNES.

The correct answer is the Wii and nothing else even comes close. Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort were monumental games. That kind of innovation is Nintendo at it's best. Most of the other Nintendo franchises I really care about started on the NES/Famicom.

curl-6 said:

I did indeed forget Astral Chain, I've added it to the OP.

Still not sure about games like Geist or Pandora's Tower, they're Nintendo published but I'm unsure if they actually own the IP.

According to the Nintendo uk store page for Pandora's Tower both Nintendo and Ganbarion are listed as the copyright holders.

I'll have to just give it to the N64 because of Mario party animal crossing and smash bros!
The SNS almost wins for mario karrt alone.
The Wii is astounding because of the Mii games though.

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SNES for the Yoshi platforming subseries, as well as Mario Kart.

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It's gotta be N64 because of Smash and Animal Crossing in particular.

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Wonderful 101 belongs to Nintendo.
PlatinumGames were even surprised that Nintendo allowed them to published It on other plataforms.
And i am not sure, but i believe Endless Ocean is a Nintendo ip too.

SNES also introduced the Donkey Kong Country series.
So I would go with the SNES just because it has a stronger overall lineup.
Followed by the Wii. I love Xenoblade to death and Wii Sports was always a great time.
Followed by the N64.

SNES. - Killer Instinct.
N64. - Perfect Dark.
Gamecube. - Luigi's Mansion.
Wii. - Xenoblade.
WiiU. - Nothing comes to mind.
Switch. - Astral Chain.

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