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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite Gran Turismo game?


What's your favorite Gran Turismo game?

Gran Turismo 46 8.65%
Gran Turismo 2 86 16.17%
Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec 143 26.88%
Gran Turismo 4 115 21.62%
Gran Turismo (PSP) 12 2.26%
Gran Turismo 5 52 9.77%
Gran Turismo 6 30 5.64%
Gran Turismo Sport 31 5.83%
One of the Concept/Prologue titles 17 3.20%

Gran Turismo was Sony's first IP to sell more than 10m copies with an individual installment. What this series brought to the table was a previously unheard amount of official car manufacturer licenses and for a long time realistic racing games were among the most popular measurements for the visual ceiling a given console was capable of.

The popularity of the subgenre as a whole declined during the 2010s, not because of lacking quality, but more likely because simulations let people know what to expect and that is that it's not particularly exciting to keep driving laps with only rare takeovers occuring. The improvements became so incremental eventually that new games began to feel redundant and sales suffered as a result. Another contributing factor might be that nowadays a wider range of games is able to provide a satisfying level of realism, unlike during Gran Turismo's heydays.

What's your favorite Gran Turismo game?


Bonus question: What are your hopes and expectations for Gran Turismo 7?

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Gran turismo 2 on ps1 graphically made me jealous how it looked compared to daytona USA on Sega Saturn, It was huge too. I admit I enjoyed gt2 back then.

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

5 because it's the one I played.

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My clear favorite was Gran Turismo: Double Dash on the GameStation.

... Alright I've never played Gran Turismo.

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Gran Turismo Sport is my most played game of the generation.

Gran Turismo PSP was surprisinlg addicting given how shallow it was. Great game to have in your pocket.

Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec was the total package in its day.

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I've played GT Sport more than any other GT game. However since PD is clearly not interested in improving the penalty system or online rating system after leaving it in such a broken state races are now free for all, I now avoid GT Sport.

GT5 is back on top for best experience. It had dynamic time and weather as well and great online racing in lobbies. Somehow the lobbies in GT Sport feel worse, GT5 was much more fun with shuffle races and better balancing options. GT5 also had a much better campaign, procedural rally races, track editor, weekly challenges for extra credits. It had it all, but PD chose to throw it all away for FIA.

My hopes for GT7
- Dynamic time and weather return
- Full PSVR2 support
- Fully overhauled SR/DR/penalty system
- More variation in online racing
- (Procedural) rally returns
- Nascar returns

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It was a toss up between 3 and 5 for me, both were incredible games and offered me so many hours of content, both are my most played games in the series too... I ended up doing a coin flip and giving the vote to 3, although now I'm starting to wish maybe I voted for 5 instead lol.

Definitely GT3 for me. Had less to choose from but felt more unique and a big step up from the previous one.

OTBWY said:

Definitely GT3 for me. Had less to choose from but felt more unique and a big step up from the previous one.

Honestly I think you may be right, the reason I'm fighting between 3 and 5 is because 5 had the better endurance races for me, and I have fond memories of doing the 24 hour races with my dad, taking turns every few hours and having sleep breaks inbetween lol... we weren't the kind of plebs that would pause the game inbetween races, once we started we didn't stop until they were finished! :P 

None. My fave game from this studio is Omega Boost. We have enough shiny car games. Remake Omega Boost!

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